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Two key tips to help sustain your business in 2021

If you are operating a coffee shop, tearoom or café, you don’t need us to tell you how challenging 2020 has been and how potentially challenging 2021 might yet be. In a recent survey1 of coffee shop operators, 87% said the coronavirus pandemic has negatively impacted their business and 54% expressed a need for financial support to survive. With this in mind, the team at Café Fresh share two key suggestions to help your business:

THINK CUSTOMER. While it might be tempting to reduce your marketing activity to contain costs, one report on recession-marketing2 suggests that now might be the time to “double-down on your current customers”. In a climate where customer numbers and spend are reduced, the report suggests engaging more with your customer: “ask current customers what they need from you.  Care for your current customers and they will likely stick to you if the going gets tough”. For example, during the pandemic, 43% of coffee shops surveyed decided to add an increased grocery range to their offer in direct response to customer need.

Another option might be teaming up with local producers who are also struggling, to showcase their wares in your shop, which could be a win-win for all parties. Or maybe there are opportunities to diversify your model? Many have embraced the take-away market but what about home or office delivery?  Whatever you decide, a customer-centric approach is critical in times like these.

THINK EFFICIENCY. Identify areas where operational efficiency can be improved, to optimize your time and energy.  For example, avoid frequent trips to the supermarket or cash and carry. Save time and money by scheduling orders and deliveries in your downtime to give you more time to focus on what matters most, for example improving the quality of your marketing or training staff.  When asked, 24.5% of coffee shop operators stated they were looking for support from key suppliers. We at Café Fresh believe this is something with which we can really help. With roots in the dairy industry dating back 25 years, Café Fresh has a unique blend of national buying power complemented by a nationwide network of local suppliers. Why not let Café Fresh offer your business that support?

We recommend using an ordering system such as i-curate®, which combines technology with simplicity. This simple, time-saving system allows you to order from a variety of local suppliers at the click of a button, ensuring you get delivery of quality food, milk, dairy and more, direct to you, just when you need it. AND i-curate® is offered free of charge to all Café Fresh customers. 

With a dedicated Customer Service team on hand 6 days per week, contact Café Fresh now to learn how our unique service can support your business in this time of challenge and opportunity (



 1Source: Allegra World Coffee Portal Research and Analysis, 2020