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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Soon available in England: 4Wieler BYKKAR e-bikes for food delivery!

Soon available in England: 4Wieler BYKKAR e-bikes! With large containers and trailers for the transport of large volumes by stable 4-wheeler bicycle. Safe and comfortable transport with the motto: healthy exercise in the open air!


For the delivery of a pizza or meal, a normal two-wheeled bicycle is of course perfectly suitable, but what if you have to transport more items with larger dimensions or vulnerable cargo? Then a 4Wieler BYKKAR is the best, safest and most comfortable alternative. A 4Wieler cannot fall, is clearly visible in traffic and the driver sits on it in the same position as on a normal bicycle. This gives him a good overview when using it in heavy traffic and he is well protected. The maximum stability that a 4Wieler offers is a very big advantage. Bicycle and trailer remain standing like a house, with the driver on it standing still or when he is busy delivering the items from the boxes or trailer. Due to the small width of only 66 cm, the bicycle can pass and through everywhere. The length is 160 cm or longer, depending on the dimensions of the front and / or rear containers. The trailer is also 66 cm wide and has a flat loading floor, optionally with containers. The bins on the bicycle and trailer can optionally be equipped with passive or active cooling. Special dimensions and materials are also possible, everything completely tailored to the optimal transport of your cargo.


A 4Wieler BYKKAR is and remains a bicycle, not an electric cart. The bicycle in the version as an e-bike may have a powerful 250W motor with a torque of 80 Nm, but the pedals will have to be pedaled. There is a throttle for help when driving off with a bicycle and a full load. High capacity batteries provide a large operating radius. And if the bicycle is in use for longer per day and / or longer distances have to be ridden, multiple extra batteries can be mounted. Hydraulic disc brakes on the rear wheels and drum brakes at the front guarantee a short braking distance. The special construction of the 20 inch front wheels makes a 4Wieler BYKKAR very light to handle and short turns can be made. The extra wide and reinforced tires can have a pressure of 7 Bar and when inflated there is a small tread with little friction and other resistance so that the bike rides smoothly without the help of the motor. Optional is a light construction windscreen and roof so that the bicycle can also be used in weather conditions other than those on a beautiful, sunny spring day.


4Wieler BYKKAR bicycles are available for 1 or 2 or even 4 people. In this way, they ensure fast and safe transport of people and goods over shorter distances. On the 2-person version, the driver and co-driver sit next to each other and on the 4-person version there is a bench for 2 extra passengers behind them. These bicycles are 1 meter wide and can be used on any road.



More information: mail to or call +31 88 444 00 00 English speaking