The Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo

19 & 20 OCT 2022


Do you want more bookings for your restaurant?

Has your restaurant or takeaway struggled to compete? 


Do you want more bookings for your restaurant? 


Of course you do!


Hi I’m Richard from RFS Marketing here in the UK, and we have a proven solution for you.


One of our most popular products, it’s called the Viral Giveaway campaign, and it’s a one-off, four week boost for your business that gets you:

  • An immediate increase in fans and followers on social media
  • Encourages those fans to register their email and contact details with you so you can reach out to them in the long term
  • AND offers them an incentive to make an immediate booking with your business so you can get a return on investment almost immediately. 

Our clever giveaway package gets you a huge amount of attention from new potential customers using an attractive giveaway offer.


We then convert a significant amount of them into immediate paying customers using a clever Chatbot sequence – so they aren’t just there for the prize draw. 


PLUS we integrate their details with your email marketing system (or help you build a new one from scratch) so turning your short term ‘likes’ into long term love for your brand.



At RFS Marketing we specialise in proven campaigns for the hospitality industry, including restaurants, takeaways and hotels.


This restaurant in Devon generated £400 worth of extra sales in a few short weeks, adding 250 people to their email database and helped launch their new takeaway pizza offer with a bang.


Most restaurants use social media reasonably well to reach their fans. 


But how much of your audience are you reaching on organic social media?


And even if you pay for extended reach for one post or ad, how can you sustain that in the long term?


You see, it’s really important to consider how to get your fans subscribed to your email marketing.


That way, you own the relationship - not the social media algorithms. 


And our chatbot sequences have an average 80% open rate - so you can almost guarantee that your next offer can be in the hands of your fans in moments.


The Viral Giveaway campaign is a great introductory package to next level digital marketing for your restaurant, and it gets results.


We are offering this unique package at 50% off to all attendees at the Restaurant and Takeaway Innovation Expo.


That’s down from £500 to just £250 plus VAT.


Come and see us in the exhibition hall and we’ll show you other examples of how we’ve helped businesses like yours survive and thrive.


But hurry - once the exhibition closes the price goes back up again. 


We’ll see you there.


Thank you!