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3 reasons why Order and Pay Apps are worth considering

During the past few weeks, the hospitality sector has seen a barrage of new order & pay apps hit the market. Many businesses are still deciding how to safely open and if they even need all this new technology to facilitate the change.

To help you to decide, here are the top 3 things you need to know about order & pay apps

1. Would it help my business to meet obligations to reduce risk for both staff and customers?

Simple answer is, Yes. When customers order & pay by mobile, it allows them to avoid touching physical menus, paper bills, payment terminals, receipts and cash. Your staff can still converse with your customers and provide a warm and hospitable experience, but with fewer trips to the table reducing close interactions.

“It felt like we were opening a new business with the amount of changes we’ve made, but it felt very calm with the system – just what we wanted” 

Mama Feel Goods, Canterbury

2. What will my customers think?

An order & pay app gives a strong signal that you’re doing everything possible to reduce risk. Staff and customers will appreciate the significant difference it makes. They’re much more likely to feel comfortable and have a great first experience as a result. It could stand you out from the competition and create loyal customers in uncertain times.  

“The principles ServeSafely is using, gives consumers the confidence they need to go out to eat again and therefore support the hospitality industry”

Anna, Wood Restaurants

3. Will it help my efficiency and profitability?

Yes. When customers order & pay from their mobile, your tables turn faster, enabling you to take more money throughout the day. With some apps, customers also typically spend more. And importantly, each of your staff can service more covers or larger sections of your venue more easily, especially outside areas which are likely to be highly popular with returning customers.

“Going forward, customers can come in through the garden, & order themselves, which is amazing! Plus it saves our staff time on taking orders!”

Phil, Jolly Farmer, Guilford

Hopefully, these tips help you decide whether an order & payment app should feature in your reopening priorities and what to ask when the next rep calls.

Why not get in touch and find out more about how ServeSafely can help your business?