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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Introducing HOPSY, the newest online solution for effective management!

HOPSY is the newest online solution for effective management, available to all hospitality businesses small and large. As a one-stop shop for all pubs, bars and restaurants, HOPSY has loads of great features for every aspect of your business. HOPSY provides staff rotas, cleaning schedules, risk assessments and not forgetting a comprehensive compliance checklist scheduling system to ensure your legal checks are being carried out every day. 

Whether you're a company looking for better insights in how your business is performing, or a venue manager looking to have a better-organised structure for your staff, HOPSY has all the tools and features to make life a dream. 

HOPSY Service case study 

Just one of our clients, with over 700 venues across the UK, has benefited from the services we have brought them through HOPSY. 

They faced many difficulties as a result of their old school paper-based system and the challenges that come with implementing and auditing these paper processes. Since HOPSY was introduced they have since increased their efficiency and productivity and now have a complete oversight as to how all the venues using HOPSY are performing each day. 

This could be said for many pubs, bars and restaurants, who still rely on paperwork, and who have the same problems such as missing and incomplete documents and who are unable to ensure that important compliance checks are done accurately and on time. 

This is where HOPSY came in. By reducing the reliance on paperwork, we are able to improve their overall business operations and ensure they were confidently compliant with current government regulations. 

HOPSY brought about several challenges for their management team who were unaware of various issues in their venues and time was regularly wasted to physically check that paperwork was completed. As a result of this, they felt they weren’t being effective as they didn’t have a benchmark for success or a way to measure how each venue in their chain was performing relative to each other. 

Using our online tool meant greater visibility over their multiple venues which were now controlled at a company level by the management team, with any changes implemented on the shop floor. Being able to oversee business-wide operations meant that they could bring about greater efficiencies through standardised working processes which were rolled out across the business, with any issues being reported directly through HOPSY. 

Having a single point of reference proved invaluable in improving communication across their venues and provided a full auditing trail with everything from risk assessments to health and safety completed checks, all recorded and accessed through HOPSY. 

HOPSY provides a COVID secure response 

Here at HOPSY, we understand the challenges that the hospitality industry has faced due to COVID-19, and the need to respond to the changing face of the environment in order to survive. The goal was to offer a COVID secure 

package with all the relevant information and tools any business will need, in one place 

In light of this, we have adapted our services to meet the needs of the client for re-opening with all the new measures and checks that come with being deemed a COVID secure venue. We’ve made it easy with our online risk assessment templates, staff policies and compliance checklists that are specific to the changes outlined by current government regulations. This way, HOPSY customers can rest assured they are confidently fully compliant and following the latest and most up to date measures. COVID secure tools include the following: 

  • COVID Risk Assessments for staff and customers alike, to ensure your venue is a safe environment, in line with social distancing guidelines and infection control regulations. 
  • COVID Policies so staff are fully informed about their responsibilities and have access to the latest information relevant to them. Staff are required to read and accept policies which are then logged safely in HOPSY. 
  • COVID Checklists to get the venue COVID secure with daily, weekly and monthly checks to be carried out which include alert notifications every time you sign-in to the HOPSY tool. 
  • COVID Cleaning Schedule with templates for inside and outside the venue along with toilet facilities that are accessed by staff or the general public. 

The future of HOPSY 

We want to support as many businesses as possible through this uncertain time and have started a campaign to offer the full HOPSY services free for 3 months to all hospitality businesses regardless of size. This is a considerable support package made by our company but one we feel is totally necessary given the strains the industry as a whole finds itself in, coming back from COVID lockdown. 

Are you a Pub, bar or restaurant owner? 

We don’t just serve the large companies, but we want to bring the HOPSY benefits to companies of all sizes, and allow smaller companies the competitive advantage to keep up with big players in the industry, all for a low monthly subscription fee. 

We are here for you, and we have the tools you need to come back better than before COVID 19 struck. The working landscape in hospitality has changed dramatically and technology will play a major role in the future of operations. if you would like to know more about HOPSY please visit the website and start the free trial.