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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Re-opening the Hospitality Sector – Protecting Staff and Serving Customers Safely

The ‘new normal’ challenges the hospitality sector to adopt health and safety measures that will allow for full or partial re-opening. Returning staff and customers have encountered protective masks, screens, barriers, floor-markings and hand-sanitisers in essential retail during lockdown and expect the same level of caution as other sectors re-open.  


Adhering to government and industry hygiene and social distancing guidelines means that the hospitality sector will be Covid-secure, while also providing staff and customers with the reassurance that their safety and well-being is paramount. 


The wide range of businesses within hospitality, from hotels and leisure centres to pubs, bars and restaurants means that plans need to accommodate differing requirements; any Covid-secure solutions need to be adaptable based on specific circumstances.


Customer confidence and personal wellbeing are the driving force behind Ergonomic Solutions’ SafeGuard Product group  supporting enhanced personal hygiene and social distancing measures to help protect customers, guests and staff. This modular range of solutions is designed to offer flexible solutions to businesses across the hospitality sector as they re-open.  


The SafeGuard Screen is a low cost and simple to install acrylic screen which creates a safety barrier for everyone at the point of sale. It provides personal protection for customer service assistants and meets hygiene expectations.


Create readily accessible comfort zones to keep staff and customers clean, with our Hand Sanitiser Dispenser, providing readily available enhanced hygiene. Whether it’s located at the entrance, along counters, at the point of purchase, in the kitchen or next to staff lockers, the options are flexible to suit your needs. The holder can attach to payment stands, be mounted to the wall or on top of a floor stand.


We are seeing many innovations as people and businesses come up with ways to maintain physical distancing between their staff and customers at the point of transaction. With the huge growth of contactless payments, the extended payment paddle is an effective way to take payments securely and safely.   Perfect for drive-through, fast service restaurants, home deliveries and any point of payment.


Ergonomic Solutions are continuously working on developing solutions that offer our customers a way to protect staff and consumers in the long-term as well as right now. We’re here to support the hospitality, food service and retail sectors to help protect them and their customers against COVID-19.

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