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19 & 20 OCT 2022


A guide to simple food delivery and order printing from Web and Cloud-based apps

While many restaurants and cafés have had to temporarily close their front-of-house, many are keeping back-of-house operations open, switching to online ordering in order to offer collection and delivery options.

Even before the current situation, food delivery and collection were growing.  Online ordering has its advantages.  It’s quick, convenient, user friendly, and can encourage customers to shop more often with 24/7 access, opening up new customer bases and offering repeat business.

However, the increase in Cloud-based orders and requests presents a new set of challenges from the POS hardware perspective.  Namely, how do you provide a customer with a receipt or produce a printed delivery or kitchen order from a tablet, web shop or online menu? 

The solution comes in Star’s free of charge utilities for mobile, web and cloud-based POS which facilitate receipt printing from web-based applications and from Android™ Apple iPad®, iPhone® and Windows™ devices.

Star CloudPRNT:  Managing Online Order printing with a local or Cloud-based server

With Star’s CloudPRNT technology, restaurants, takeaways, bakeries as well as retailers can incorporate a flexible ordering system to seamlessly integrate online purchasing into their offering, while eliminating the need for an extra tablet to send an online order to the printer. Instead, the ordering service can communicate directly with the printer to create print jobs.

The printer communicates directly with a local or Cloud-based server and offers simple print job queue management. Scalable, quick to integrate, easy to deploy and platform-independent, CloudPRNT is compatible with the principal online ordering and scheduling applications.   

Star CloudPRNT for WooCommerce

Free plug-ins such as Star’s CloudPRNT for WooCommerce simplify integration even further for the majority of today’s sites built using WooCommerce.  These enable small and medium-sized businesses to develop an online ordering presence with minimal set-up time and expense required.

The Star CloudPRNT for WooCommerce plug-in enables the automatic printing of receipts, invoices, delivery slips as well as kitchen and restaurant orders on Star’s CloudPRNT printer range, including the mC-Print™ series alongside the TSP650II or TSP700II for 80mm receipts, or the TSP800II series for 112mm receipts, and the SP700 matrix kitchen printer with the unique HI X interface.




Star WebPRNT and PassPRNT technologies:  Printing from a local PC POS System or Tablet

Where a local PC based Point of Sale System or a Tablet is used in the restaurant to communicate with the on-line ordering service server and send the order to the printer, Star offers a number of printer options which can be connected via USB, Lightning USB, Ethernet, Wireless Ethernet or Bluetooth.    Star also offers free of charge utilities such as WebPRNT and PassPRNT to enable driverless printing capabilities and ensure consistent browser printing.

For more information, see our full guide.  Our experienced Customer Success Team will be happy to advise you further