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19 & 20 OCT 2022


COFE App – Sales enabling technology in a time when social distancing is the new normal

In the news, speculations abound of when will we be able to get back to normal.  In the past few days it became clear, at least here in the UK, when Chief Medical Officer, Professor Chris Whitty indicated that at a minimum, social distancing measures would remain in place until the end of the year and could possibly extend up to 2 years that normal was not happening anytime soon.  This notion, coupled with the general public’s uncomfortable feeling of going out to a restaurant after the lockdown is relaxed, creates a challenge to our industry.

When we launched the COFE (Coffee Ordering Fast and Efficient) App we had no idea just how important the application would be in supporting the coffeeshop industry to survive and recover from something like the outbreak of COVID-19.

The COFE App by design, enables coffee lovers to get their favourite coffee with ease.   First it starts with an intuitive user experience with contactless payment with the entire transaction handled within COFE App – selection, ordering and payment.  Then any participating coffeeshop on COFE App is afforded all advantage of our Concierge Services:

·         Pick & Go – pre-ordering your coffee and other items that will be paid for and ready for pick-up when you arrive at the coffeeshop

·         Deliver to Car – pre-ordering and having your coffee delivered to your car by a member of the coffeeshop staff

·         Deliver to … - offering a vast array of delivery services where the coffeeshop staff deliver the coffee, 

o   Delivery to your Gate – we have coffeeshops that are within the secure area of an airport and have enabled them to have a customer select Delivery to their Gate as they are waiting for their flight.

o   Delivery to your room – we have coffeeshops in hospitals, hotels, universities and office buildings that enable the user to place an order on COFE app and then a member of the coffeeshop staff delivers to your ward, room, classroom or office.

o   Delivery to your boat – we even have coffeeshops within Marinas where the user orders on COFE App and a member of the staff delivers to your boat tied up within the Marina.

·         Delivery to your address – we work with a fantastic group of delivery partners whereby you can order on COFE App and have it delivered to any address within the catchment area of the coffeeshop.

COFE App provides the addition feature of a COFE Store, enabling coffeeshops to sell beans, pods, accessories, merchandise and coffee machines.  COFE App has a subscription service so your customer can get their beloved coffee delivered on a regular basis.

COFE App started with a passion to get high-quality coffee into the hands of coffee lovers in a convenient and efficient way.  Our passion is built around the coffeeshop and we want to further support our passion to help enable sales in these uncertain times.  With this in mind we are offering the following within the UK:

·         Signing up on COFE App is free. 

·         We provide you everything to get you started.

·         We are providing a promotional budget per coffeeshop brand to help spread the word regardless if you are a single location operator or large chain. 

We continue to add options and features to COFE App to design and support creative ways of helping the coffeeshop industry.

COFE App - made with a passion to enable great coffee.

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