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What’s the low down on Low Carb?

What’s the low down on Low Carb?

As a food industry we all know the difference between vegetarianism and veganism, and we know how to cater well for our customers with allergies and intolerances. But how much do we know about the $12B Low Carb nutrition sector, and are we getting our share of the opportunity?

Low Carb eating isn’t a new concept. The first medical records of a Low Carb diet being used to treat medical conditions dates back to 1911, but it’s only in the last 5 years that we have seen an explosion of growth in this consumer-led eating habit. When Google released their 2018 search trends, the highest ranked diet search term was Keto Diet, the best known Low Carb diet. Searches for Keto diet then jumped another 300% in 2019. Consumers are searching for Low Carb food like never before, and in Europe the UK and Germany are leading the way.
This explosion in growth is further fuelled by the NHS who, just before they began leading the fight against Covid-19, changed their guidelines to recommend a Low Carb programme for nearly 5 million of people in the UK with Type 2 Diabetes. 

Low Carb isn’t a trend, but a growing, medically-backed lifestyle choice driven by our conscious consumers who want to know what’s inside their food. 

Who are these conscious consumers and how do I bring them to my menu?

The rise in popularity comes as people not only learn, but they feel the benefits of healthier eating habits. Mum’s tasty but dated rule of carbs, carbs and more carbs at every meal often leaves us bloated and just isn’t needed to support our more sedentary lifestyle. 

So yes, a Low Carb consumer could be anyone wanting to lay off the carbs, but there are three key groups to look out for:

4.42 Million Type 2 diabetics in the UK are being encouraged to manage, or even reverse, their condition through the NHS Low Carb programme and by a number of Type 2 reversal clinics that specialise in Low Carb nutrition.  

The Health and Fitness millions. Whether it’s an endurance athlete drastically reducing carbohydrate intake to drive a metabolic state of Ketosis, or a casual gym goer who is cutting back on their carbs, this affluent demographic still like to go out and celebrate those special occasions - they’d just like a healthy option (that isn’t another salad).  

Low Carb and Keto for weight loss is the fastest growing diet category. With more people paying attention to the benefits of a Low Carb diet plan, now is the time to offer a tasty replacement to their carb-intense bread and pasta. 

How will you keep these customers happy, and coming back again and again?

Ask yourself and your colleagues these questions. Do you currently support this immense Low Carb demographic? What differentiates your restaurant, your menu? What do you offer that will capture their healthy hearts and minds? What will keep these educated consumers coming through your door? Why should this growing market choose you over your competitors? 

Food innovators Keeto Life have revealed the Seriously Low Carb Loaf from their busy product testing kitchen. It’s the first off the block from a wide range of nutritious, honest food products designed to deliver amazing taste and quality for customers that choose Low Carb.  

Standard bread is typically 45g of carbs per 100g, but The Seriously Low Carb Loaf is a miniscule 5.7g per 100g - yes that is very, very low, but very, very tasty! It’s also the UK’s first and only certified Low Carb bread.  

Suddenly the bacon butty is back on the table for people on Low Carb diets. 

Who are Keeto Life?

‘Keeto Life is on a mission to provide industry-ready, wholesome Low Carb food for all occasions. For breakfast, lunch or dinner we want to support those that want a tasty Seriously Low Carb choice’. 

The article was written for you by Jo and Andy, the founders of Keeto Life. Andy is an age group IronMan Triathlete and Jo is a recovered pre-diabetic food specialist. Both are in search of wholesome Low Carb food to support their lifestyles. 

Within 6 months of Keeto Life launching their Seriously Low Carb Loaf they have been endorsed by Thrive Diabetes, a clinic reversing type 2 Diabetes. They are a finalist in the Food Innovation Category at the Food Entrepreneur Show 2020. And following their Sugarwise certification have been invited to the House of Lords to discuss the changes in the food industry. 

If you’d like a free sample of the Seriously Low Carb Loaf, and would like Keeto Life to help your business win more customers, then please click here or contact Andy and Jo direct.  07817316218 07784 967205