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19 & 20 OCT 2022



This Corona virus period has been a cause for speculation, worry and confusion. However, at this time we at Green Apple Web Ltd encourage all businesses to embrace the new adjustment of going online and digital. Necessity they say, is the mother of invention.


Though the internal lockdown has driven the economy down by the closing of businesses and the reduction of spending, it has imminently created a vacuum and demand for online business. We believe all local British business should take this route for economic advancement.


At Green Apple Web Service Ltd we have discarded the crude world of standardizing and templates, the execution of orders is tailor-made. Each and every client gets a service suited for their area of expertise and needs. After consulting and communicating with a potential client, it is a company policy to send an offer via a proposal; detailing our peculiar package to fit exactly what the client requires. This policy also instructs for further amendments until f service satisfaction is achieved.


These are the services we offer;


WEBSITE HOSTING – This involves making a website address live, for access to web surfers.

WEBSITE DESIGNING- Web design involves a whole array of integrative ideas. Green Apple Web considers every part of a client’s business and relates it to the colour, coordination, marketing, advertisement, client base and products. Another advantage of our website design is payment integration; we able to integrate payment carts which have Visa/Master card, PayPal and Bank Transfer options. Our experts can even go a step further by inserting foreign payment systems such as Union Pay into client’s websites.


WEBSITE UPDATING AND FIXING- Once you are signed on to Green Apple Web, we relish the opportunity of keeping and growing with your business. In the digital world, trends and systems upgrade, and we do well to update all websites to the required standard- with the client’s permission. Updates can also be made at NO cost to the client. Any bugs or network problems are also fixed, at NO cost to the client.


APP CREATION- To enhance business; we offer the chance to create top-notch mobile phone applications- to work hand-in-hand with the hosted website.


APP DESIGNING- The created app, will also have the same design trends and payment integration options.


SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT AND SERVICING- As an interactive form of marketing and



Advertisement, social media is currently the easiest and most accessible medium. Green Apple Web is well versed in the art of managing social media accounts ie. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. We shall open accounts where needed, and post on the client’s feed everyday- We also do well to inform the public and customers about products and services.


As part of our COVID-19 services, social media payment orders have also been integrated. EMAIL MANAGEMENT AND SERVICING- This involves the creation of a G-suite account for the client, securing it and updating it.


IN-HOUSE TECHNICAL SUPPORT- We continually support every client, even after the initial services are handed over. Our goal is to take care of the client right to the end. So as part of our services which involves full access to, and not limited to: Encrypted Firewalls, Periodical Security Breach Tests, Malware Testing, Penetration Tests, IT Specialists and Data Recovery.


SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION- This is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine-making the client more visible to web surfers than their competitors. Depending on the


plan agreed to between us and our client, we will design a website to meet maximum requirements such that it can be ranked on page 1-3 of Google during a keyword or area search, or be guaranteed search engine optimizing service for a Google top 1-3 rank. This will be based on the clients submission of key search words related to its business.


CYBER SECURITY- Cyber-security is the process of protecting and safeguarding computers, servers, electronic systems, networks, mobile devices and data against data breaches and malicious attacks. It is also known as information technology security due to its general cover of technological devices. This is very important since almost all organizations, whether large or small, deal with a lot of data. Unwanted and unauthorized persons whatsoever, are prevented from gaining access to any volatile data.


Firewall and encryption are a major part of cyber-security measures to protect important data from being intercepted by cybercriminals and spammers. Cyber-security is divided into ten main categories: network security, application security, information security, operational security, data security, cloud security, identity security, mobile security, endpoint security and end-user education. Green Apple Web, will in essence use internal structures, processes and policies to institute the 10 major categories of cyber security, for the client.


Not to worry about the details above! They are just a guide; our cost and charge processes differ from client to client. At Green Apple Web, we KNOW that all clients cannot be given the same service. There are diverse requirements, services, demands and adaptations in the world of business. So, whether you are a small, medium or large-scale establishment, Green Apple Web will tailor our services to meet your financial standing. There is also the option of a monthly subscription or a back to back consultation for the right payment terms between us.


In view of the current global financial situation, we have designed a package to also fit the needs of clients who do require a standard service.


You are welcome to contact us and begin your transition into the future. Necessity, they say…is the mother of invention.