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19 & 20 OCT 2022


BenQ Digital Signage & Content Creation Advice

In today’s uncertain times we are all turning our attention to online training and looking into projects which we are often too busy to consider in our day to day. BenQ is working with restaurant and bar owners and managers to look at how to evolve and better utilise digital displays when we are all back open for business.

Screen content has come a long way in the last few years but without access to a design team, it can seem daunting to create campaigns when you come up with an idea. With the variety of displays ever expanding, content software plays a huge part in managing consistent messaging. This allows you to create and send information, including pictures, videos and offers to the screens with ease and efficiency. Also, allowing for a dynamic approach to on-site advertising and get the most out of your investment.

Here’s some best practice steps below to help with the process.

Test, learn, achieve

While your customers are glued to their social media channels, use this time to test what is working on your online platforms. Analyse which pieces of content are gaining the most engagement, how are customers interacting with the brand and what feeling do you want to portray. Building customer loyalty through this method online, then mirroring the content in store, will strengthen your brand messaging and result in repeat business.

When you’re back open, use software, interactive displays or motion sensors to capture data to learn about customer product sections, demographics, how much time is spent on the content and display positioning.

Use mixed media

While you’re testing the digital signage software, don’t be afraid to experiment with mixed media. Understanding your customers interests and what’s appealing to them, will help with building your content. Use text, images, GIFs, videos, widgets and apps to encourage customers to take notice. Using templates allows you to keep consistency, while ensuring sizing and resolution of the content is maintained for the displays.

Timing is everything

Take this time to consider and review changes in your offering and popular items through the day and start to build content and calendars around that.  Getting your day partitioning content right is key. Breakfast Bloody Marys, Lunchtime Meal Deals or Happy Hours need to be timed to perfection as to when they appear on your digital signage displays. Maximising a content schedule will create peace of mind, ensure offers are capitalised on and distribute offers to single or multiple displays simultaneously from a remote location.


Try out this digital signage platform while you’re at home to see how you can deploy it later. BenQ’s X-Sign enables easy content creation, content scheduling and content management and is very cost effective for smaller establishments.

Take advantage of the ability to speak with one of BenQ’s digital signage advisors who will talk you through the X-Sign content management software by emailing quoting the code ‘XSIGN-20’

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