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19 & 20 OCT 2022


How Technology Drives Vegan Businesses

As demands for Vegan food options increases, technology is rising up to the challenge to make Veganism more accessible than ever before.

Environmental consciousness and concerns around animal welfare and sustainability have urged thousands of people around the world to adopt plant-based diets. 

According to research, there has been a 600% increase in the number of Vegan individuals in the US alone and other countries are on the same track. Despite the rapid growth of Veganism, many people still struggle to find economically viable food options fit for a Vegan diet. The inaccessibility of the Vegan lifestyle holds many people back from making a choice that may be better for the world. 

There may exist a huge gap between affordable Vegan options as compared to meat-based products but technology is rising up to the challenge. Here are some ways in which technology can help Vegan businesses grow and flourish:

Development of Synthetic Meats & Alternatives 

The negative environmental impact of meat and dairy generated through animal farming is causing innovators around the world to come up with meat alternatives. Technology is at the forefront of the search and synthesis of alternatives that reduce the carbon footprint and water consumption to build an eco-friendly solution. Discovery of alternatives and the potential creation of clean meat can be utilized by Vegan restaurants to provide even more delicious and innovative dishes to attract individuals towards a fully plant-based diet. Hence, the advancement in technology will no doubt lead to the rise and success of vegan startups and businesses in the future. 

Increased Exposure through Social Media

Veganism largely owes its popularity to social media and its ability to influence people all over the world. In this digitally connected world, Vegans have formed communities that inspire others to join the movement. Social media allows people to share their struggles, expertise and other valuable information to help each other turn live a healthy and happy vegan life. Businesses can leverage this audience to boost their presence and become key players in the Vegan world.

Wide Variety of Recipes & Tutorials

Vegan businesses are on the lookout for making exciting new recipes to attract newcomers. The internet is the ideal place for releasing new recipes and teaching people how to make the vegan lifestyle more fun and interesting. 




Vegan Delivery Platforms

Food delivery applications have seen major success in the recent years. Platforms, such as Vegafoodies, make it easier to order and discover new places. This simple model is now being applied to exclusive vegan delivery options that can result in the promotion of vegan restaurants and businesses looking to make a difference. As meat-based options dominate the market, many individuals have trouble looking for good Vegan restaurants. Vegan businesses can utilize delivery platform Vegafoodies to create a loyal customer base and make a difference.

With the increase in adoption of Veganism, many Vegan restaurants have now popped up all over the world and are garnering more attention than ever before. However, making the Vegan lifestyle easier for the entire society requires some smart solutions and technology might be the way forward. 

As people’s relationship to food turns eco-friendly, technology can play a pivotal role in making Veganism more accessible, affordable and manageable for all.