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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Meeting The Hand Hygiene Challenges Of A New Age – A New Decade Brings A New Deadly Virus.

Sers, Mers, H1N1 and now we have 2019-N-Cov also known as the Coronavirus hitting our screens recently. The mass panic and hysteria caused by such events seems to increase as time passes however the central cause remains almost as prevalent today as it was during the great plagues of the past.  

Effective hand hygiene remains one of the key preventative measures which minimizes the dangers of the spreading of such harmful bacteria. Statistics and articles however continue to indicate a reality to the contrary.

There are countless works written on the matter with and in some cases we have evidence of more than 95% of the population still not washing their hands long enough to effectively remove bacteria leading to the spread of such viruses.

The issues are not limited to ‘Blue Collar’ workers with employees from varying sectors also displaying similar habits.

Moving onto the issue of food hygiene. 

With institutions like Just Eat rightly introducing much tighter controls on the hygiene ratings of an organization the need to meet the challenges presented are clear and obvious.  With low hygiene standards resulting in a withdrawal of Just Eat services, the fast food delivery platform have highlighted the need for improved hygiene standards in the industry. 

In addition to Just Eat taking these bold steps, the majority of the Insurance sector is also following suit with most reputable insurers now refusing to offer cover based upon low food hygiene ratings.  

Food preparation staff are the coal face of the industry and ultimately the most important people in any eatery. Businesses often take vast strides in tackling the front and back end of the day with thorough cleaning scheduled at the start and at the end of opening hours. Critically however the operating ‘middle’ is an area where gap remains. With staff preparing food and serving customers during this time in many instances the issue of hygiene starts to fall behind the deemed priority of speed and accuracy.

The need for staff to realize the importance of hygiene throughout the day is critical and the need to establish an ethos of cleaning hands throughout the shift is essential to establishing this mindset. 

In an increasing litigious society and in a digital social media age one incident of food poisoning or similar could literally close a business overnight. The world of hygiene is not immune to the mass global changes in how we live.

As quoted by the Food Standards Agency staff are expected to wash hands throughout the day when preparing food as deemed necessary and including 

• Before handling cooked or ready-to-eat food

• After handling or preparing raw food

• After handling waste

• After cleaning duties

• After using the toilet

• After blowing nose, sneezing or coughing

• After eating drinking or smoking

• After handling money

We at Hygiene World work with our customers to create bespoke packages for the hygiene needs of each organization. Where some organizations benefit from dispensers on the wall providing non-toxic hospital grade hand sanitization throughout the day with others seeking help with NHS grade floor cleaning concentrates.

All of our products are alcohol free meaning there is no risk of cross-contamination and critically non-flammable, meaning they are safe for a heated kitchen environment. 

The ultimate beneficiaries of our products are business owners. Better hygiene, happier staff and customers and a green light from the all-important Food Standards Agency lead to ticks in every box. 

With reusable bottles and concentrates Hygiene World can certainly lead the way in achieving our objectives and actually benefitting our increasingly fragile world.

Contact us today to discuss your hygiene requirements for your organization. We can guarantee it will prove to be one of the best calls you will ever make.

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