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9 & 10 NOV 2021


The Possibilities a Blank Package Can Bring

We all remember going to our local fish and chip shop, ordering a battered sausage and chips, and receiving a grease soaked bundle wrapped with all the homely ham-fistedness of an elephant. We loved it - unwrapping dinner from yesterday's newspaper always felt like an occasion. Things are changing, however - food safety laws mean that we can no longer pack our food in newspaper, relying instead on characterless brown or grey paper. But this plain paper presents an opportunity. Package your food in branded packaging, and you can make sure that people know exactly where your customers buy their evening takeaway - and bring characterful packaging back.

Brand It

Branding is important for any company looking to make their name. Without effective branding identity, customers have no way of knowing who you are - and this can be detrimental, particularly when you’re trying to make a name for yourself. Consider what kind of packaging you might have in your takeaway. Burger boxes, pizza boxes, wooden cutlery, etc. Now, consider how these could be branded. Be it with a simple sticker, or by printing your branding directly to the package. What should this branding look like? Your logo, website and phone number should be a bare minimum. Make sure that it’s bright, colourful and eye-catching. Effective marketing already begins with excellent branding, and it's extremely important when you’re putting it on your packaging!

Lean, Green Packaging Machine

It’s not all about putting branding on your packaging, however. Customers are increasingly looking for environmentally conscious packaging. They want to know that the boxes and containers that their food is delivered in isn’t going to be killing any dolphins or whales, and as such, are increasingly concerned about whether you are providing friendlier packaging for them. In fact, a third of customers would prefer to use a sustainable brand. Show you are a company that cares about the environment, you can ensure that a larger customer base is attracted to your takeaway.

Be Unique

Now, We’ve established that branding and environmentally friendly options can be fantastic ways of setting your product apart from the competition. Consider also something as simple as the way your packaging looks. While it is certainly true that packaging in certain circumstances is uninspiring because it simply works, it is more than possible to find packaging that has both form and function. Invest in packaging that looks unique, and you’ll soon find people remembering who you are, and most importantly, what you offer.

Packaging has come along way since the days of newspaper wraps and brown paper bags. Businesses are only now starting to realise that the possibilities involved in the way that we package our food that can make branding something new and innovative. It is now more possible than ever to join the giants with colourful and interesting packaging designs.

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