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9 & 10 NOV 2021


Why Should You Get Involved With Delivery?

Takeaway delivery is not new. Pizza delivery services are an industry staple, and seeing a branded scooter shooting down a road with a massive cuboid backpack atop the riders shoulders is a common sight. However, delivery is still becoming an ever-more essential part of the fast food and takeaway industry, with more and more large chains and independents joining services such as Just Eat and Deliveroo in order to make it easier for customers to get their fast-food fix. But how is delivery changing the industry, and why should you get involved?

Delivery is storming the sector with some impressive figures. A market predicted to be worth £9.8 billion dollars by 2021, it’s easy to see why it’s such an exciting element of the industry. One of the fastest-growing elements of fast-food as a whole, in 2018 it saw growth of +13.4% from the previous year. Delivery is massive, and its effect on the industry is easy to see.

Of course, while it’s one thing to list of figures and statistics, it’s another thing to understand why it’s happening. The biggest factor is the changing attitudes of customers, as well as their shifting demands. People living busier lives no longer want to eat out as much, but want to have restaurant-quality food that they don’t have to leave the house to get. This has led to customers choosing convenience over everything else.

One key way that customers expectations have been shaped is with delivery applications, gathering a large number of takeaways and fast-food outlets into one easy to use mobile platform. User numbers of delivery apps reflect this shift in expectation, with Just Eat seeing consistent growth over the last few years, with growth of almost 4 million active users between 2017 and 2018. In an increasingly digital world of TV streaming services and mobile ordering, the delivery market has effectively evolved to corner the market.

This, of course, doesn’t just affect takeaways and fast-food outlets, but restaurants as well. As customers look for premium food options, but would rather the convenience of delivery, eating out at a restaurant is no longer quite so much of a consideration. Restaurant chains are seeing this and choosing to invest in delivery options. Chains such as Frankie & Benny’s and Bella Italia have already taken the plunge, and more are following suit.

So delivery is perhaps one of the most exciting parts of the industry, but how easy is it to get involved? There are numerous ways, and the majority have low start-up costs. The most obvious answer is to sign up to a delivery app, and get listed on the database of outlets that customers can order from. Delivery is organised for you, and the infrastructure is easily obtainable. It can be run easily from an establishments kitchen, and not affect normal operation. 
However, more and more takeaway outlets are banking entirely on the delivery model, choosing to close their traditional establishment, and simply making food for delivery in what they call ‘shadow kitchens’. Much lower rent costs and fewer required staff lower costs, and eateries that have been struggling are finding that this helps their bottom line. Some are opening shadow kitchens in addition to their main establishments, in an effort to take the strain off the main kitchens.

So you’ve signed up to a delivery service, and you’re ready to go. But what considerations do you need to think about before sending out that first order? In a world concerned more and more about food safety, standards and waste, there are just a few things that are necessary to prepare for.

-Traditional packaging hasn’t been particularly eco-friendly, with plastic lids, foam containers and non-recyclable cutlery. There is an increasing demand for better packaging, with a mind on the environment. Thankfully there are greener alternatives to older packaging, and innovators are creating amazing new packaging that is recyclable.

-Food standards are changing in the coming years, and being prepared is paramount. New products are coming to market that promise to make this process much easier, with remote temperature gauges and innovative cleaning solutions leading the charge.

-Systems to streamline the ordering and preparation process are becoming increasingly useful, allowing kitchen staff to separate in-store orders from delivery orders.

Getting involved with delivery in the current landscape in the takeaway market is almost a no-brainer. The Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo has taken note of this, and as a result, the Delivery zone at the show has been developed. It contains everything that a restaurant or takeaway would need to get started with delivery, providing solutions for any obstacle that may stand in the way of getting into the delivery revolution. Find food hygiene equipment, electric delivery vehicle creators, and systems designed to streamline the ordering process. The Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo is the only place to find everything like this under one roof, saving time, money and effort from the usual search for services and providers.

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