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9 & 10 NOV 2021


Accademia Pizzaioli Experience at your fingertips

A dreamed project envisioned many years ago finally materialising, Accademia Pizzaioli is opening at the West London University which is an institution leader on the hospitality sector with many of their alumni that become renowned chefs and celebrities. The university has full equipped kitchen and teaching room complete with cooking facilities and projection screen perfect for the courses.
Accademia Pizzaioli is founded by Enrico Fama’, who established the oldest recognized pizza maker school more than 30 years ago. Accademia Pizzaioli claim the best system of cooking classes and courses available on the market thanks to its teachers and organization.
With over 130 schools worldwide it has become an institution in the industry organising many important events and championship. Brought to United Kingdom by Gianfranco and Ciro with their shared passion for food and specially the magical world of Pizza one of the most loved food in the World!

Gianfranco has been in the industry for over 20 years and he’s an expert on pizza equipment and also a person ready to take on any innovation, while Ciro is the “ hands on” part of the school with over 15 years of experience as a chef, having worked in restaurants and hotel in different countries settling eventually in the UK. They learned their way from years of experience together with multiple courses to become instructors and also in nutrition. We have seen in the past few years and interest on pizzas and a soaring number of new pizzerias opening in London and across the UK, trying to offer the most authentic Neapolitan pizza that as we know is the first and the most loved. Due to this high demands in staff and the scarcity of it together with the uncertainty of this particular period they thought it is a good time to open the world of pizza to literally anyone and with and investment of over £50k they claim to be the most complete pizza school with 4 different type of oven, hybrid rotating wood and gas, Neapolitan style, electric and tunnel, and the latest equipment available in the market as the few dough machines including the top of the range touch screen double speed dough mixer. As their dream comes true, they promise to be the most professional, passionate teachers you can ever want!

Accademia Pizzaioli at the West London University.
Courses from November 2019
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