The Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo

15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Reaching £20k p/w in your takeaway!

The modern customer has changed, marketing has changed – it’s simple, those who take advantage of Digital Marketing will reap the rewards and reach high weekly sales figures.
We used innovative techniques to make marketing, and increasing sales, the centre of everything happening within the store – from when an
order was prepared, to after the food had been eaten!
Our partnership with The Fat Pizza has led to amazing growth in sales and even achieved Break-even sales in the store within a week of opening a new store.
Marketing was cheaper, targeted and best of all – WE DIDN’T DELIVER A LEAFLET IN THE ENTIRE YEAR!
Targeted Digital Marketing
You have probably never heard of Fat Pizza or seen the marketing – that’s because as well as the marketing being all encompassing, it was also targeted geographically so that only the customers within the delivery area saw the Ads. 
A Focus On Sales, not Likes
This way, we focus on building sales, rather than building likes – you cannot take” likes” to the bank!
A comprehensive, all encompassing, marketing plan is not easy to implement, but we showed that even for an independent takeaway with no IT team, you can be the best in your field! 

Here is some of what we did:
1. Added New Ordering Channels such as App ordering, Facebook Messenger Ordering etc.  to make it easy for the customer to order, however they like! 
2.C onducted detailed analysis of each ordering channel and pushed customers to the most profitable and “sticky” channel. Once customers are in – we want them to stay there and order again and again!
3. Looked at how to use 3rd Party Portals effectively and profitably within the store marketing and operations.

Feedback Reviews

1. Used every touchpoint from any customer as an opportunity to market to them – including complaints! We convert 60% of 1* reviews to order again, automatically!
2. Created a feedback system that resolves complaints automatically with no store interaction as well as pushing them to profitable ordering channels in the future.
3. Provide Instant feedback of reviews to the store in real time so that they can see what is gong right and what is going wrong.

Pure Digital Marketing

1.  Created the “Takeaway Doctor Sales Funnel” where we segment our customers to maximise either sales, conversions to order or frequency of order. Created a virtual “Digital Wall” around customers so that:
2.  Competitors cannot easily tempt them
3.  Customers remain LOYAL to Fat Pizza.
4.  Any competitor marketing reminds customers to order from The Fat Pizza.
5.  A focus on sustainability in order to remain relevant in the modern environment and enable customers to feel better about ordering from us rather than the competitors.
6.  Partnered with other charities, schools, etc. all to increase community involvement and promote a team-building ethos.


1.  Created the ability to instantly increase sales dependent upon driver availability. We now control and manipulate the sales every weekend to
maintain service levels and door time!
2.  When there was a high number of drivers, weekend campaigns can boost sales by over £3k.
3.  Changed EPOS providers to ensure the store was at the forefront of new technologies such as automatic order routing, live driver tracking, automated inventory and stock ordering, electronic training and operations management.

A New Way of Marketing

We have dealt with many agencies telling us that “it takes a while before the effect of Digital campaigns kick in” or “in six months, you will see a response!” 

These do not help the takeaway looking to make profit in the next week. We believe marketing should be instant as well as for the long term.
Contact me by email or even by using our new website chatbot in order to see how best to improve your business, or come and see me at the show and we can discuss how to make more money, tonight!

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