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Ebikes Make Delivery More Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Traffic, lack of parking, and increasing customer demand for speed have forward-thinking companies using electric bikes as a more efficient delivery solution.

Delivering food isn’t easy, especially in urban and high-traffic environments. Gridlock, lack-of parking, environmental concerns, and customer demand for speed all conspire to make last-mile deliveries a major challenge for restaurants. There is also a growing need for innovation within the food delivery industry due to government regulations such as congestion pricing, infrastructure changes, and steep climate goals. 
Seattle-based electric bike company Rad Power Bikes offers solutions with their versatile lineup of powerful, durable and affordable ebikes. The company’s dedicated Commercial Division, which launched in 2018, brings sustainable transportation and mobility solutions to commercial customers around the world, including logistics and delivery companies, government organizations, corporate campuses and more.
Rad Power Bikes recently participated in a pilot program with Domino’s Pizza to test the efficiency of ebike deliveries at corporate stores across the United States. The international pizza company launched the pilot to explore alternative delivery methods, as cars are often not the most efficient means of delivering food, especially in metro areas.
The program showed that locations that used ebikes achieved better delivery times and service scores, and those that were already using traditional bikes saw an increase in team member satisfaction after switching to ebikes. As a result of the successful pilot program, Rad Power Bikes was selected to become the exclusive ebike provider for Domino’s franchise owners and corporate stores and will deploy hundreds of custom ebikes in markets around the country.
For larger deliveries, companies can look to the RadBurro Electric Cargo Trike, a zero-carbon emission alternative to box trucks and gas-powered utility vehicles. It features proprietary truck bed, cargo box, flat bed, and pedicab attachments that adapt for various applications, along with a powerful 1,500W motor, an estimated 65-130 km range, and motorcycle-grade components.
The RadBurro is currently being utilized by SPUD, a Canadian organic food delivery service. The trike has helped reduce delivery times for orders leaving their Vancouver, B.C., warehouse, especially in more congested areas of the city.  
To stay competitive in the food delivery industry, companies need to get more done in less time, while keeping expenses on delivery fleets and equipment low. And with air pollution and urban congestion at an all-time high, the need for alternative transportation methods is greater than ever. Rad Power Bikes offers a full lineup of eco-friendly delivery solutions that can help improve the efficiency and sustainability of your business. 
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