The Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo

15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Merley Launch: MAXStick Liner-Free Labels

Merley are the sole UK and Eire distribution partner for MAXStick Liner-free labels which are an innovative product with unlimited applications.  

Merley Paper, will be carrying out a hard launch of our innovative MAXStick liner-free labels at the 2019 Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo, stand F231.

MAXStick was developed and designed based on the following customer requests – 

 Consistent image quality from the label.

Ability to create and cut only the size needed for the label without depending on black sense marks that create excess label length & waste.

To be able to also use the printer as a POS printer, using standard thermal paper, after it has been used in label mode without the paper jamming due to an adhesive build up.

Ability to stick to multiple surfaces without leaving any glue residue (e.g. bags, boxes, wraps, cups, trays, counter tops, etc)

To be able to apply pressure anywhere on the labels surface vs. on a specific area, making sure the label sticks to the intended object.

No maintenance requirements for the printers, such as cleaning, which helps deliver consistent performance.

100% Bisphenol Free (BP / Phenol Free) which meets all food safety requirements. 

MAXStick labels are available in six vibrant colours to help differentiate the increasing number of order and delivery channels available in today’s modern restaurant environment. 

MAXStick liner-free labels provide a fast and efficient method for QSR’s, Fast Casual and all Restaurants looking to improve their order accuracy, reduce errors and increase customer satisfaction. Whether it is labelling made-to-order food items and beverages in the kitchen or bag tagging to guarantee the customer gets their complete order, first time, MAXStick offers a cost-effective labelling solution that is sure to save you time and money.

Applications Checklist 



Food Delivery Labels

Mobile App Order Labels

Drive thru

Exception Orders


Customer Beverages

Product ID


Product Freshness Dating

Nutritional Labelling

Allergen Awareness


MAXStick customer comments:

 “We believe that there is currently no product of comparable quality on the market”

McDonald’s Deutschland 



 “Our customers profound and outspoken satisfaction with MAXStick products has provided Team One with an unprecedented level of visibility in key market segments”

Samer Khashan – (President) Team One Repair Inc.



“MAXStick turned into a one – step process. Print & Stick. Easy to apply and easy for patrons to identify which items are theirs. Libraries love this innovation and so do we.”

Kevin Brown – (President) BayScan Technologies



MAXStick features

Variable Length Labels – MAXStick is available in several different varieties and sizes.

Recyclable, BP-Free and Silicon-Free.

Liner-Free – no wasteful liner needed.

Meets all food safety requirements of Title 21 of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, 

Meets E.U. legislation (FCM) specifically Regulation (EC) 1935/2004 for indirect food contact.

Perfect for freshness dating.


MAXStick benefits

Boosts sales.

Improves accuracy.

Reduces costs.

Increases speed. 

Happy customers who return.

MAXStick Liner Free labels have been widely used internationally for some time fitting a wide range of printers. MAXStick labels ensure that made-to-order food items are completed with a greater degree of accuracy. 

FREE MAXStick samples will be available along with product demonstrations on stand F231, which is opposite the Just Eat Village.

We look forward to meeting you!