The Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo

15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Innovative Allergen Labelling System for Fast Food outlets

Safe Away, the new food labelling solution that provides the fast food market with easy to use and compliant allergen labelling.

The Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation show will see the launch of SAFE AWAY and SAFE AWAY Lite from RL Solutions Ltd, a new, innovative and cost effective ingredient and allergen labelling suite for the fast food industry.

This is a simple and affordable ‘out of the box’ solution to the problem of labelling just prepared food items with ingredients along with automatic allergen highlighting for the fast paced world of fast food. One of the major concerns for food to go businesses is the perceived cost & disruption with implementing such a system which thankfully is negated by the solution’s low costs and ease of use.

Both products will be on display at the Restaurant and Takeaway Innovation exhibition this November at London’s Excel.


A simple, budget friendly entry level solution comprising of a small standalone thermal transfer label printer and an easy to use PC based menu editor. Simply enter your menu items and the ingredients used into the intuitive PC application. The program will then process the menu items into the standalone printer. Once programmed the printer can be located in the kitchen, where an operative can easily select an item from their menu, enter a label qty and instantly produce labels that meet food labelling legislation which include listing the ingredients and highlighting of the allergens. These labels are then placed onto the packaged food providing customers with all the information they need in terms of product description, ingredients and allergens.


The professional variant of the range, Safe Away is a powerful solution for the management of take away food orders and the production of descriptive labels for application to the finished food product. The labels produced clearly detail the ingredients and allergens while meeting the current EU Legislation No 1169/2011. Safe Away and Safe Away Lite provide the tools for meeting the imminent requirements of Natasha’s Law on allergen labelling coming into effect in the summer of 2021.

How It Works:-

An order is taken and entered into the system via an easy to use touchscreen PC, capturing a reference for the order, and the items the customer has ordered. The items ordered are itemized on the screen and a simple click of any item ordered will display the allergens of that specific product clearly for any clarification with the customer. Once the order taking process is complete, a simple click produces an itemized kitchen order and food labels for each item. The printed kitchen order lists the food items for that specific customer for the kitchen staff to prepare. One of the unique features of the system is the ability to draw a symbol or foreign word that relates to each food item in a different language so that your kitchen staff whom English may not be their first language can read the order with ease. The food labels produced will have the order reference and a count which is also detailed on the kitchen order, making the process of matching the labels to an order simple. This helps to ensure that the correct amount of food is produced reducing errors.

To complete the order once the food is prepared and either the customer has arrived or the food is being collected for delivery the user simply clicks complete order. This action creates an itemized receipt detailing all of the food items, the customer reference, the date and time and more importantly, any allergens for that item will be clearly printed below. At the bottom of the receipt is a price embedded barcode of the total bill for scanning into an existing till or EPOS.

Copies of all receipts created within the solution are kept within the database as a graphic for assisting any enquiries relating to an historic order. This provides the store with the ability to prove the information provided for any transaction.

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