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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Surecrisp – Restaurant Quality Fries that Deliver

With the takeaway and delivery market experiencing 73% growth in the last decade, McCain Foodservice offers solutions on maximizing this opportunity.

For every £1 spent on food in Britain, 12p is spent on takeaways, so it will come as no surprise that the UK food delivery market is now worth a staggering £8.1bn (up 13.4% on the previous year)1. However, its popularity doesn’t stop there; according to industry research, further growth in the market is expected, with UK delivery estimated to reach £9.8bn by 20211.

Driving this growth are millennials and Gen Z. Consumers are now more likely to order a takeaway at home instead of dining out, whilst relying on brands that can live up to our ‘instantaneous’ way of life. With thousands of restaurants now signed up with JustEat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats, consumers have access to restaurant food in their homes at the click of a button; simply providing delivery is no longer a key driver for consumers and instead, it is quality that sets operators apart.

As the demand for delivery continues to grow, it is becoming crucial for operators to ensure their takeaway proposition mirrors the quality of an on-premise experience, offering restaurant fries that deliver. According to recent research by McCain Foodservice, there are three key obstacles that affect a delivery experience: delivery fees, speed/quality of service and accuracy/quality of the order, with the latter being of particular importance to consumers. In order to create a successful takeaway proposition, operators must be mindful of how their food fares during delivery. Operators who get this right will not only create a successful delivery service but increase their chances of repeat business and additional revenue.

When it comes to takeaway food, fries are front of mind and currently represent 17% of all food delivered. However, it’s well-versed that they do not fare particularly well in the delivery cycle and can end up becoming soggy and cold. As a result, consumers’ overall satisfaction and enjoyment is often affected. McCain Foodservices’ research revealed that 65% of consumers admit that a bad chip will negatively affect their overall view of an operator, making them less likely to order from them again.

In order for operators to successfully serve food suitable for delivery, they must first enhance their packaging solutions so that dishes reduce moisture and retain heat. For fries, in particular, keeping them crispy is key. To do this successfully, operators must be looking at a coated chip proposition, in addition to new or optimised packaging. Getting these two factors right will ensure a chip stays crisp for longer during delivery. 

With takeaway and delivery an assured part of foodservice for the foreseeable future, operators willing to adapt are likely to see better success across their outlets.  

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