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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Increasing Cooking Sustainability and Efficiency

A recent report by the Carbon Trust pegged the food and drink industry as the fourth highest industrial energy users in the UK. 

Cooking equipment accounts as the single largest power user in the kitchen, with an average quick service restaurant’s electric use 21%, while natural gas consumption represents up to 71%.

It’s no wonder that businesses in our industry see a need to lower energy usage and adopt measures to help comply with green energy legislation!

“Almost a third of small firms highlight the cost of energy as a barrier to the growth and success of their business,” according to John Allan, National Chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses.* * - Department of Energy and Climate Change - SME Guide to Energy Efficiency.


Case Study: How Ethos Bistro is Using a Nieco Broiler to Standardize Menu Items, Increase Cooking Efficiency and Sustainability, and Grow Their Operation

Two years ago, the Nieco team met George Pappas, Director of Operations of Ethos Greek Bistro in Coconut Creek, Florida. George was interested in Nieco’s automated broiler technology and requested a visit to our Windsor, CA facility to learn more. 

During his week in Windsor, George worked closely with our team on a plan to convert his restaurant kitchen from a traditional grill to an automated broiler geared toward efficient operation and delicious and consistent product output, whilst making Ethos’ kitchen more sustainable through energy savings and carbon reductions. 

Nieco Broilers are a natural choice for the sustainable restaurateur looking to save money while reducing their carbon footprint. With up to 50% reduced energy consumption and 90% fewer emissions with Incendalyst™ technology, Nieco's automated belts and programmable controls produce consistently-cooked product with juicy, flame-broiled flavor, reducing waste and increasing speed of service.

Because Nieco builds hand-builds each broiler in our Windsor, California facility, you can be assured that the needs of your kitchen are considered as well, with thoughtful design features and options available to keep your kitchen humming along at a brisk clip. 

That change significantly impacted Ethos’ restaurant operations. With a new Nieco, Ethos was able save dramatically on energy costs and standardize recipes and cooking times, to ensure menu classics such as delectable lamb chops, Bronzini, shrimp castella, mussels and grilled vegetables, were consistently prepared and cooked for each new guest.

Because Nieco’s BroilVection™ technology cooks menu items on the top and bottom simultaneously, Ethos was able to speed up their cooking process, resulting in quicker delivery of each menu item without sacrificing the great taste Ethos has become known for.

 Ethos’ vision is to serve customers great tasting, fresh food, with good service at a great price. The restaurant’s decision to design their kitchen and menu around a Nieco broiler has not only made this easier and their effort more successful, the standardization and increase in efficient, sustainable, consistent cooking has made it possible to attract new franchisees and scale their concept to other restaurants. They have since opened a second Ethos location in Wilton Manor, FL!

We’re thrilled to see Ethos Bistro using our innovative and sustainable broiling technology to improve and grow their restaurant operation, and we’re honored to be a part of their success. 

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