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4 Ways To Leverage On Your In-Store Wi-Fi To Promote Smarter Engagement

Wi-Fi is a networking standard that allows wireless connectivity of smart devices such as cell phones ,laptops & tablets enabling them to  connect freely to the internet or the world wide web (www). Wi-Fi is non-intrusive, easy to set-up & manage & also affordable.

Many restaurants world over have invested in free complimentary Wi-Fi for their customers mainly as a way of providing connectivity to their clients as they wait in-line to be served. Customers can log in and access their emails,social media accounts,make phone calls etc.

Free Wi-Fi seems like a must have service in the hospitality industry, however very few establishments leverage on this service to add value to the overall brand positioning.

The thinking is usually very simple;acquire a reliable internet link from an internet service provider (ISP),configure a password and share the password to every customer who purchases an item.

What if I told you there’s a better simpler way of using the service to enhance engagement with the end user whilst offering the complimentary service.

What if you’d share your new menu with the user via the free Wi-Fi network?
What if you’d run a small in-house survey about the quality of service?
What if you’d ask the user to sign-in via email,cell number?

All these options are possible through the Sprinkler Wi-Fi platform that can be customized to share valuable brand information while at the same time collecting invaluable user data & analytics enabling establishments/ brands profile users better,mainly to understand their current trends & use this data for remarketing purposes in future.

Brand Memory

Share attractive artworks,animations,videos,games that the user has to interact with before accessing the Wi-Fi leading to a more unique & memorable user experience,helps in long-term memory of your brand & it’s overall positioning in the consumers hierarchy of choice.

Smarter Profiling

By requesting a user to log-in via Facebook,Twitter or Instagram;this enables your brand to access smarter profiles of the user,through the platform you learn more about their gender,age,DOB,likes,interests,hobbies etc which is quite helpful in understanding them much better. Better still you may engage them by sending highly targeted messages for their birthdays & other milestones.

Locational Based Engagements

For a brand with a large chain of restaurants it’s important to understand that every location is unique & should be managed as such. Based on the different variables at play,analytical data derived from the platform enables managers to understand the unique traits at play enabling better decision making  and strategies. Also may adopt the platform to send targeted messaging unique to each location.

User feedback & Surveys

Run customizable in-house polls & surveys from the users at the touch of a button. No need to contract expensive pollsters, rather customize the Sprinkler platform to capture the trends you may want to focus on. Feedback on a new menu item,favourite meal,frequency of visits or just general comments can all be captured and acted upon due to the ease of uploading the engagements on the network.

In conclusion it’s possible to achieve all the above and much more, buy utilizing a service that’s most sort after in this digital age. Any creative would be excited by the various options in which they may want to engage with the users and make a more lasting impact in the customers mind.

Solomon Karanja – Founder Sprinkler Wi-Fi a mobile based tech company specializing in providing Wi-Fi engagement solutions to brands. Based in Nairobi,Kenya Sprinkler Wi-Fi has a vast network that serves over 200,000 active users per month in various locations.

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