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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Utility Market Watch

Energy use continues to be a major cost for most businesses. Whether you are a high electricity user or a service-based office, electricity expenditure makes up a substantial proportion of your monthly bills.

Most of our electricity supplies come from burning coal and oil. These supplies are imported from abroad and are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain, forcing the energy market to look into alternative ways of producing electricity. With new technology and green energy generation, there are different electricity options that could work for your business.

In line with energy shifts, our suppliers offer an extensive range of competitive electricity packages to cater for different business requirements.

The price of gas has and will continue to fluctuate dramatically. There are many influencing factors that contribute to this and understanding these is our job. We see spells where gas prices drop and this is the time to secure your long term business contract. We will offer you advice on the best time to secure your agreement, with which supplier and duration.

We are practical when it comes to the costs of running a business and we know that saving money means everything. This is why we search the market extensively and talk you through the gas contracts available. We have built up strong relationships with the largest suppliers, this enables us to go direct and gain the most competitive prices for you.

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