The Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo

9 & 10 NOV 2021


Spartan Audio Visual

Spartan Audio Visual offer Integrated, stylish and inviting AV solutions for restaurants, bars, hotels and other leisure and hospitality venues. We help you create and maintain engaging, comfortable environments, which encourage consumers to stay and spend.

We bring unique expertise to bear as our sister events company deploys large scale concert systems for world-class touring artists every week. We know what discerning, modern, cultured audiences expect an immersive audiovisual experience to feel like and can help you leverage that for the hospitality market.

Consumers live in an increasingly connected, immersive technological world; where audio and video appear consistently as one entity. Our ethos is to build on an inviting audio environment, with screens that transition from digital signage and even presentation display to high definition prime time sports screens as required.

Finally, we challenge the idea that powerful, integrated systems such as these have to be hard or confusing to use, leading to the installation of overly basic and dumbed down solutions. We understand that in hospitality it's reasonable to expect a high turnover of staff. So we prefer to implement intuitive, flexible and familiar interfaces, often in the form of apps, or touchscreens that often have zero learning curve thanks to the smartphone revolution.

Start a conversation with us about your challenges, frustrations and success stories. We love to help and even more so, to learn.

Tel: 02920 481797

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