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RESTRAW is a premium reusable drinking straw company offering the most comprehensive and customisable range of quality glass, stainless steel and bamboo straws.

Our glass RESTRAWS are manufactured locally in South Africa and are made from German quality borosilicate glass, the most durable commercially available glass. The glass is thermal shock resistant, meaning it can withstand incredibly high and low temperatures. The straws can be used for both hot and cold beverages, and are dishwasher safe. We currently have 5 standard variants but also offer different styles, lengths and diameters to suit your personal preference and business needs.

Our 5 standard glass variants are:

1) Original RESTRAW (220mm x 10mm(Outer Diameter), 2.2mm wall thickness)
2) Smoothie RESTRAW (200mm x 12mmOD, 2.2mm wall thickness)
3) Bent RESTRAW (160mm x 50mm x 10mmOD, 2.2mm wall thickness)
4) Short Bent Cocktail RESTRAW (120mm x 40mm x 10mmOD, 2.2mm wall thickness)
5) Cocktail RESTRAW (120mm x 10mmOD, 2.2mm wall thickness)

Our Stainless Steel RESTRAWS are made from 18/8 (304) food grade stainless steel and are titanium plated. We offer standard quality and a premium quality options (the premium quality has more steel in it, so it is slightly heavier). As with the glass, we have a standard range of 3 variants but are able to manufacture according to your needs. The stainless steel straws are available in different colours, namely silver, gold, black and rose gold.

The 3 standard variants are:

1) Skinny RESTRAW (215mm x 6mmOD, straight)
2) Standard RESTRAW (215mm x 8mmOD, straight)
3) Bent Standard RESTRAW (215mm x 8mmOD, bent)

Our bamboo RESTRAWS are reusable and are fully biodegradable and compostable once they reach the end of their life-cycle. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and is an incredibly, if not the most, renewable resource. We stock one size in terms of length, namely 200mm and as it is natural, the diameters and wall thicknesses vary. Please note that due to it being natural, straw colour shades vary from straw to straw, and some have beautiful, unique markings on them.

Although we stock the above-mentioned straws, we are able to manufacture different sizes and variants, as per your request. We will thus quote based on your needs.

Custom branding is also possible on all straw variants.

Tel: 0027782252277

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