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Quatra UK

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Cooking Oil. Deliver, Collect, Recycle. Quatra collects used cooking oils and fats.
Do you drive a diesel car? Then your car is most likely running on some of Quatra's biodiesel! Quatra collects your used cooking oils and fats across the United Kingdom. We have been in business for over 50 years in Germany, France, The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg in a leading position. We recycle these used cooking oils and fats into a raw material for the production of second-generation biodiesel.
Quatra believes in recuperating 100% energy from waste. When the collected oil arrives at our processing site, it is heated in automated heat chambers to make the fat liquid again and separate it from impurities such as water and frying residues. These residues are turned into biogas and other waste flows such as plastic are cleaned, sorted and brought to recycling in turn. After filtering, centrifugation and decantation, clarified oil is obtained. These filtered oils gets analysed in our laboratory and are transferred as raw material to bioraffins for the biofuel industry.
Annually, our oil collections result in the production of 70,000,000 litres of biodiesel, which accounts for at least 87% less CO2 emissions than petroleum diesel. The upcycling of waste oil into green energy provides a unique and effective solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
But our service doesn`t stop there! We also delivers fresh cooking oils and fats of our own brand! By combining the delivery of fresh edible oils and the collection of organic residual material in one single visit, Quatra minimizes the number of transport movements, thus reducing the carbon footprint of your business.
Over the years, we have learned that our clients have different needs. This experience, and our close network, have led us to develop enormous flexibility with an excellent service at attractive prices. Quatra customers are guaranteed the best price for their used cooking oil and fats. We provide a customer focused service within 48 hours with free and clean barrels/containers. You receive instant mails with details of your used cooking oil collections so you get full traceability including waste transfer notes and certificates of the collection of your waste streams. If you don`t recycle your used cooking oils and fats yet, start now and help to reduce CO2 emissions to create a greener environment!

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