The Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo

15 & 16 JUNE 2021



Revolutionising the zero-emission vehicle market, PeddleSmart`s innovative range of carbon neutral, pedal assisted, and electric transport reliably moves people and cargo with absolutely no environmental impact.

This cutting-edge, sustainable transport solution significantly reduces pollution, combats congestion and minimises operational costs; benefiting a huge range of industries from couriers and logistics to public services, food delivery and more. Once adopted, PeddleSmart`s vehicles will give us all cleaner, quieter, safer and healthier towns and cities.

PeddleSmart`s first zero-emissions vehicle to market is the pedal powered and electric assisted FlexiQuad. Designed as a flexible, modular transport system the FlexiQuad is a one-seater, self-contained cab that can be attached to a variety of inter-changeable trailers depending on the requirement. For example, the temperature-controlled food and drink delivery trailer, storage container for logistics and deliveries or specialised service trailers such as cherry pickers or waste collection.

With more haste and less waste, food can be delivered quickly and efficiently from the kitchen to the customer without losing any heat in the heat-controlled trailer; meanwhile drinks can be kept cool in the separate refrigerated compartment. Not only will the food arrive to the customer exactly how the chef intended, but it will get there without polluting the environment whatsoever in the zero-emission delivery vehicle.

PeddleSmart will be introducing the FlexiQuad for the first time and its range of zero-emission transport solutions that provide huge operational and sustainability benefits across a range of sectors. Visit PeddleSmart to see the FlexiQuad range, we can't wait to see you there.

Tel: 01698 638738

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