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15 & 16 JUNE 2021



Ending single-use plastic waste with our reusable cups loaning app.

OneCups mission is to end the need for single use disposable food/drink containers by replacing them with quality reusables at point of need. Turning off the tap of waste production at the source, starting with coffee cups.
Members can go to any affiliated café, use our app to check out a quality reusable OneCup and enjoy a discounted take away coffee. When finished, they can use the app to locate another participating café and return the cup so it can be washed and reused. This way OneCup's members can cut costs, reduce waste and keep the convenience of not having to carry around their own reusable cup.
We have improved the typical `deposit and return` schemes used in the past with technology, making it easier to operate as no physical money is exchanged. With discounts on each drink bought with a OneCup plus exclusive in-app rewards, we help people save money whilst also saving the planet.
After two successful trials at Oxford Brookes University we increased reusable cup use at one cafe from 6% to 52%. We also provided useful data to Brookes on where/when customers buy and return our cups allowing them to manage their staff better, and reduce costs on paying for landfill tax.

Tel: 07792659158

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