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9 & 10 NOV 2021



Maralytics is a marketing analytics software program.

We help businesses, generally in the hospitality sector, track and report their marketing conversions.

Anything online or offline can be tracked.

We provide conversion results.

Sales revenue, customer acquisition and profit from any campaign are viewable on the dashboard.

Assessing the effectiveness of any type of marketing, and forecasting where future marketing spend should be targeted, can easily be done.

For example - newspaper ads, flyers, sponsorships, social media advertising, competitions, loyalty programs, are all examples of marketing opportunities that we track.

We have discovered that many businesses do not have a marketing plan or monitor the results of their promotions or advertising.
The main problems that they have are:
• No system
• Unknown results
• Wasted money

Maralytics has created the ultimate marketing analytics system.
We provide conversion data by automation and made it easy.

Our software can demonstrate:
• Successful marketing strategies
• Accurate data
• Effective future marketing spend

We are the only marketing analytics software that can produce this data; as there is no other analytics program that can do this.
Your business can now have full details of all marketing conversions in real-time and is easy to see on the dashboard.

To find out more, visit our website or use our Free Trial.

Tel: 61 410070456

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