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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


LoLo Rewards UK Limited

Large online platforms are destroying the viability of local businesses. Its time to make a stand and FIGHT BACK. LoLo is a new generation "Circular loyalty" platform. Its aim is to help the high street fight back by providing a more effective and economical alternative to the current range of retail and food platforms on offer.

Local Loyalty is critical to the viability of the High Street. Money spent locally recirculates in the local community through wages, taxes, donations, sponsorship's and B2B transactions. More often than not money spent with large online platforms leaves the local economy forever.

LoLo provides a real incentive for Local People to support Local Businesses and at the same time build stronger Local Communities. LoLo encourages Local Loyalty.

Every £ spent by a local person is a vote for the future they want. Either it stays local and recirculates and supports the local economy or it immediately goes overseas.

LoLo supports all local businesses, Restaurants, plumbers, dry cleaners, coffee shops, pubs, shoe shops, clothing stores, dentists and hairdressers etc. We support any business who employs local people and pays local business taxes.

LoLo provides the following benefits for Local Businesses:

1.Help keep customers spending in the local community
2. Helps businesses maintain relationships with customers
3. Increasing sales with enticing rewards
4. Increases footfall into your business
5. Provides a competitive advantage
6. Allows each business to leverage off other local businesses
7. Gives the business control over its offers and the days they are available
8. Provides an online and smart phone presence for the business
9. Lowers customer acquisition costs
10. Improving customer loyalty and repeat business
11. Reducing the need for advertising and marketing
12. Is simple, streamlined and seamless
13. Provides a customer communication platform
14. Provides a modern new generation circular loyalty program
15. Communicates relevant deals to potential customers
16. Provide big date to small business

LoLo provides the following benefits for Local People:
1. Simple, streamlined and seamless app
2. Receive recognition for being a customer
3. Receive benefits that are relevant and real
4. Provides flexibility to redeem tokens at multiple local businesses
5. Receive instant access to rewarded Loyalty Tokens
6. Participating in a modern new generation circular loyalty program
7. Access via a smart phone app platform and website
8. Has multiple ways to earn additional Loyalty Tokens
9. Makes offers and deals that are relevant
10. Provides the ability to transfer tokens to friends and family
11. Provides the ability to invite friends to join and be rewarded
12. Provides the ability to invite businesses to join and be rewarded
13. Supports local businesses and local jobs

LoLo provides the following benefits for Local People:
1. When you buy local you support your family, your friends and your community
2. Local business owners reinvest in their communities
3. Local businesses make more local charitable donations than international online businesses
4. Local businesses recruit and employ local people
5. Local businesses contribute to the fabric of your community and encourage out-of-town visitors and tourists
6. Local businesses offer a personalised service
7. Local businesses rely less on taxpayer money than large corporations
8. Local businesses pay local taxes that fund local services

LoLo is expanding across the UK, we need more businesses and more local people who care about the local community.

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