The Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo

9 & 10 NOV 2021



ROCKET gives the best management experience to restaurants.

Why is it expensive and complicated to manage a restaurant ?

ROCKET offers a management experience for restaurants, fast foods & caf├ęs.
ROCKET helps managers by centralizing and simplifying the global restaurant management. All features are made to build real processes in the company which makes you earn money and stop wasting a lot of time.

ROCKET Ecosystem is :

POS - Fast & User Friendly Cash Register

Manage all the order lifecycle through from the customer, to the cashier and through the kitchen.
Orders are easily taken at the counter or from the Self Order Kiosk and sent to the Kitchen display.
Collect the money from the customer and save it quickly.
Manage also orders from UberEats, JustEat and Deliveroo.

Inventory - Smart & Automatic

Check your live inventory.
Every orders updates the inventory and ROCKET gives automatically a grocery list with the items reaching their limit quantity.

HR - Easy People Management

Save all the employees' information inside your software.
Create and share plannings on their mobile phone.
Save the employees work time through the clock-in/clock-out feature.
Check monthly working hours for every employee.

Dashboard - All the Data to improve your business

Find every information you need about your company, in a selected moment : Days, Weeks, Months & Years
Check best sellers, best days.
Analyze customer behaviors and preferences.
Learn about inventory consumption.
...and thousands of other information

ROCKET makes your restaurant management easy, profitable, cheap and smart.

Tel: +33606726989

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