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19 & 20 OCT 2022


K3 Business Technologies Group

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Wherever you are on your technology journey, K3 can help!

About K3|imagine: A platform to transform your business processes
K3|imagine is a cloud-native headless commerce platform developed by K3 to build business applications. These can either operate as standalone or sit next to and complement any third party back-end systems.

Cloud-native applications differ from their legacy counterparts because they are specifically designed for the cloud from day one. The approach to designing, building and running applications is based on infrastructure-as-a-service. This is combined with new operational tools and services such as continuous integration, container engines and orchestrators.
We didn`t consider the cloud native approach because it`s fashionable - although it is. Instead, we have pragmatic motivations. The approach works well with continuous delivery (faster time to value), it scales well and can be very efficient to operate. Perhaps most importantly, it can help reduce risk in a new way - by going fast but small. This is the core power of our headless commerce platform: it ensures that businesses are ready for the future, whatever it brings.

The K3|imagine platform gives us the opportunity to rapidly develop and deploy business applications. These can sit next to third party back-end systems, extending what your current system provides. Alternatively, they can operate as standalone systems. We have already developed a range of applications, which includes our IP, to suit different sectors and business set-ups. These applications include:
• Self-Service: checkouts, kiosks, and bring your own device (BYOD)
• Web Point Of Sale (POS)
• Store Companion
• You can also use our app building software to design your own apps if you need something specific.
Contact us to find out more about the K3|imagine platform.

About K3 Business Technologies Group
Wherever you are on your technology journey, K3 can help.

K3|imagine is brought to you by K3 Business Technologies Group. K3 Business Technologies Group serves retail, manufacturing and distribution customers. K3 is passionate about understanding the challenges you face and providing the most appropriate business and technology solutions.
Solutions for today and tomorrow

In this time of unprecedented uncertainty, our 700 industry specialists, across 12 countries are ready to find ways to help you leverage the power of your people and technology to get through the challenges we are facing today and tomorrow.

We have solutions available that can help you make the transition to secure remote working, lowering your cost of operations, and implementing new ways of working or new business models. Reach out today to let us know how we can help.

To complement our industry leading solutions from Microsoft, Sage and SYSPRO we have our own solutions to enhance the investment you have already made in your technology infrastructure. Based on our in-depth industry knowledge and close customer collaboration we are continually developing new applications and solutions to help our customers every day achieve a brighter future. Discover all our K3 Solutions!

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