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9 & 10 NOV 2021


Heather Landex ApS

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Food Safety Expert, focused on how to market excellent standards.

Inclusivity - The practice or policy of including people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized, such as minority groups.

Managing allergies, serving vegans, and considering people with dietary preferences requires excellent food safety standards. It is not just about protecting customers from risk of injury, offence or complaints. It is also to promote unique selling points, customer experience and prestige.

E.g Being capable of saving a milk allergy sufferer well, makes your establishment exclusive as many eateries have "may contain" disclaimers or more offensive signage warning allergy sufferers to avoid eating there. Many cannot adapt their menus, their staff do not understand what plant-based, vegan or lactose intolerant mean, which gives a terrible customer service experience and reduces customer confidence. If allergy sufferers have to go to extreme efforts to be served or they receive sub-quality food, they steer where the group eats. 23% of the UK public avoid consuming milk (for whatever reason).

`Every individual matters
and deserves to be served
food which is safe for them
to eat and be treated with
respect for their beliefs,
needs and choices. I believe
there is an overwhelming
ignorance to how big and
fast growing these market
segments are, in a changing
World, where diversity should
be embraced and not feared.`

More info about Heather's book "Inclusive: The New Exclusive. How The Food Service Industry Can Stop Leaving Money On The Table" is available at

Tel: +45 27280929

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