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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


GreenMo UK

GreenMo was founded in 2014 in Waardenburg, Netherlands, with the aim of revolutionising the way fleet customers deliver last-mile, last minute products. In 2018 the UK arm of the company was started in order to extend the successful dutch business into the huge, untapped UK Market. With over 4,000 vehicles on the road, plus a new fleet sharing scheme and custom-designed delivery products, GreenMo is the clear European market leader in electric two-wheel delivery.

Why Electric?

Electric vehicles are perfect for urban deliveries. Aside from being cheaper and more reliable, electric delivery is very popular with end customers and both local and national Government.

1. Urban Centres are bringing in zero-emissions zones.

2. Electric Vehicles are much quieter and more suitable for use in urban areas

3. Smother ride means fewer accidents and lower insurance costs.

About Our Services

GreenMo's mission is to provide a service that is always ready to work. . Our vehicles are quite simply the best for fleet. They were designed from the ground up with heavy duty cycles in mind. They charge from a normal UK outlet. They have by far the biggest battery and longest range.


Renting electric saves you money period. Electricity is one tenth the cost per mile of petrol.


Our mopeds have two moving parts in the drivetrain. A petrol engine has 200. That's a lot to go wrong.


The air quality in our towns and cities is killing people. Be part of the solution, not the problem.


If you can imagine a custom look for your fleet then we can create it for you quickly. With in-house paint and vinyl print-and-cut, we can turn around the biggest jobs, quickly and professionally

Tel: 020 7859 4564

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