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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Evoca Drinks

Evoca Drinks is an award winning UK soft drinks brand with its own range of premium, carbonated soft drinks developed to exceptional taste.

Our aim has always been to create premium drinks without being priced into a niche category. We have always made products that we would want to drink ourselves - it would simply not feel right to make a fruit flavoured drink which did not contain real fruit and we just could not justify the use of controversial colourings found in a surprisingly large number of soft drinks.

For this purpose, each of our flavours is made to the highest possible standards, utilising natural ingredients and fruit flavours with real fruit. No harmful azo dyes, which by law carry a health warning on the packaging, nor any animal based dyes are used to colour our drinks. During our production process no alcohol based solvents are permitted and neither is beef gelatine used as a sediment filter for our fruit flavours.

As a result we have produced industry first carbonated soft drinks, each with their own distinctive characteristics:

Evoca Cola
Our original product made with real kola nut and the first soft drink ever to be made with a unique special extract of black seed, a historical herb highly recommended for its countless health benefits.

Evoca Strawberry
The only carbonated strawberry soft drink to be made with real strawberry juice, giving it a fantastic fruity taste, as well as natural colourings known as anthocyanins, again known for beneficial health properties.

Evoca Mango
Made with the perfect blend of mango juice and mango puree, giving the drink an irresistible appeal and taste, reflecting the best mangoes available. Quite simply, according to customer feedback, it is the best tasting carbonated mango drink around.

Evoca Orange
Made with real orange juice and the finest ingredients, giving it an incredible taste. Arguably the best tasting carbonated orange drink on the market.

At Evoca Drinks we vet our suppliers thoroughly and everyone in our supply chain is very astute when it comes to issues such as environmental awareness, carbon offsetting and fair trade. For this purpose, key manufacturers in our supply chain are ISO 14001 certified, ensuring they have minimum waste and impact on the surrounding environment.

In effect Evoca Drinks products are Kosher, Halal, Vegan and Vegetarian friendly all in one, whilst being ethically sourced and produced.

Our products have been recognised for their innovation and brilliance over the years. We were the 2016 winners for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Business Award supervised by SOAS University and also one of only six finalists for the 2018 Food & Drink Innovation Award held by the Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo, which is the European market`s leading event dedicated to the FMCG industry.

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