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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Customer Touch Point

Maximise every contact, improve experience, win business and reduce costs. That is exactly what our unique approach to customer journey design and implementation will help you do. Or in other words, we positively influence behaviour through every part of your customer's journey through our portfolio of products are services. Areas we can support you in include;

Content and Contact - all initial points of contact including websites, social media, telephony, web chat and omni channel contact solutions.

Music & Audio Messaging - professionally scripted and recorded audio messages programmed to play whenever you want, profiled music playlists to suit your customers, ability to create your own playlists or import existing ones from Spotify. All this through simple, portable technology which makes managing your music and audio easy.

PCI Compliant Payment Solutions - Our new payment service works with your existing merchant to enable you to take payments on site, over the phone, SMS and social media safely and securely, opening new ways to turn enquiries into orders.

Customer Feedback - low effort ways of gathering high quality feedback from your customers 'in the moment' and after they order from your or eat with you

All of our services are underpinned by our unique `engage to influence` approach to customer journey design. This tried and tested approach has achieved significant results for many high profile brands but the principles can be applied to single site businesses just as well.

Before you can influence the outcome of an interaction you first have to engage the customer and everything we do is about making this happen, and when it does you are able to increase sales, reduce costs and improve customer experience all at the same time.
We`d love to talk to you and learn about your business. Let us show you how Customer Touch Point can help you achieve your business and customer objectives.

Tel: 03300 200444

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