The Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo

15 & 16 JUNE 2021



0.485-second cashless payments and online ordering up in 24h

No joke.

Bizzon payment and interaction management suite can set your restaurant, hotel, coffee shop or QSR chain up for life.

Accept ePOS payments in under half a second

If you are in a franchise business or run a large venue, seconds are money. We`ve set up 70 locations in 2 days for a client. There is no learning curve. Bizzon works fast.

Run it through inventory

Call it a menu if you run a restaurant. Enter products or dishes broken down to ingredients - Bizzon turns in into an online ordering website, interactive self-service kiosk, app your staff uses for ordering on smartphones.

Front and back sync

Every order (yes, online and in-house) is instantly shown at correct prep stations in your kitchen or a bar. You create order to station rules in the inventory. Orders have 3 stages: ordered, being prepared, served and you can see them broken down to servers.

Takeaway VAT ready

If you`ve never done takeaway before, you`ll feel no difference. The VATs are automated.

Know your customers well

You know what they had, how often they come and when to treat them to their favourite dessert or a brandy.

Promotion engine

Set up happy hours, lunch hours, daily specials, weekly specials, discounts, promotional bundles limited only by your imagination.

Configurable reporting

Bizzon starts you off with the usual: gross, refunds, tips, total, taxes, net, cash, card, room, pre-billing. You can break it down to location, member of staff, item served. Set up reminders and stock alarms. We also tell you how many of your customers have been before.

Conquer the world or the neighbourhood

Bizzon can handle as many locations as you can muster, with separate or joint inventories and complete functionality from the get-go. Multicurrency and multilanguage.

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