The Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo

15 & 16 JUNE 2021



WiFi Marketing with bespoke software, designed and built in-house to empower physical businesses with the digital tools to improve customer experiences. Our software platform is powered off existing WiFi connections and can be remotely installed in all major business grade WiFi hardwares in minutes.

We can also supply hardware as required, with UniFi being our preferred choice for synchronising with our software.

The software allows you to capture visitor data, in a GDPR compliant way, and gather detailed analytics about their visits. Information like visit count, length of stay or even birthday can be used to then build marketing automation campaigns to bring customers back time after time.

On top of marketing automation we also offer Reviews, a way to have complete control over gathering, monitoring and posting reviews of your venue.

Finally, we have WiFi Stories - our unique promotional tool that shows Instagram style stories to return visitors for precision in-venue marketing.

Tel: 0131 510 7008

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