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9 & 10 NOV 2021


Aspire Consulting

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At Aspire Consulting, we achieve change by focusing on individual and team behaviours.

Our approach is based on helping finance teams and assurance professionals understand the level of change required, offering a range of tailored solutions. Using our business and sector knowledge, we provide a range of behavioural change techniques, including:

Developing how individuals and teams communicate
Improving individual engagement, enabling teams to improve performance
Understanding and adapting core beliefs and mindset
Improving how teams can work together more effectively
How to lead others, understanding the challenges and benefits of excellent leadership
Helping individuals get the best out of themselves by enhancing personal resilience
Understanding the importance of emotions - our own and those of others
Enhancing skills for influencing and negotiation
Improving the management of conflict and how to use this positively
How to form, build, maintain and develop relationships - and why this is important
Our expertise helps finance and assurance functions develop business critical leadership skills, facilitating change and enhancing culture.

Behavioural and leadership improvements are the most common (but also the most complex) ways of achieving significant organisational change. We use a variety of techniques, including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Coaching and Specialist Intervention to help you and your teams develop.

Tel: 0330 133 2645

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