The Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo

15 & 16 JUNE 2021



Advanced WiFi Analytics, Marketing & CRM solution for Restaurants, Cafes and Bars.
In the food and beverage industry getting to know your customers and
obtaining contact information from them is not always easy. There are
few digital touch points when a customer visits your venue and they typically don't include vital customer information such as contact details, email address, demographics, interests, habits, etc. This information is vital in order to engage with them after they've left the
venue and to communicate with them effectively to get them to return.
Odds are, you may already have your own guest WiFi service.
There's now is an easy way to transform your simple guest WiFi service into a powerful
marketing platform.
With Aislelabs Connect, you can build a splash page that will capture
valuable information from your clients when they opt-in to utilize your WiFi service
seamlessly. There are no complex forms to fill out and customers can complete
the task, typically in a single click. This includes capturing email addresses,
contact information, demographics, interests and much more. That way you
can build a powerful customer database, including information for each
customer as well as their behavior and visit patterns across your venues. All this
information is readily available to you in order to execute holistic digital
campaigns across all digital media, including email, surveys, social and digital
display ad campaigns.
Best of all, Aislelabs works seamlessly with your existing WiFi hardware with no extra kit needed!

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