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19 & 20 NOV 2019


The benefits of having a delivery solution manage your deliveries

Restaurants are often faced with the difficulty of getting deliveries off the ground. Foot traffic can sometimes also be too much for in-house staff to handle; which leaves no room for stressful management of drivers and delivery orders. At Fast Food Drop, we aim to help businesses to save and deliver at the same time.  

Here are some of the benefits of having a delivery solution manage your deliveries: 

Hassle-free recruitment and management 

Recruitment and management of food delivery drivers can be a bit of a hassle; especially when restaurants already have a lot to deal with in-house. Restaurants won’t have to worry about managing drivers and delivery orders as they should expect a delivery solution to track down everything on GPS. The delivery solution is responsible for logistically managing orders, be in contact with the drivers if ever they are in need of assistance and give you a realistic timeframe as to when the nearest driver will be back to pick up the next deliveries. Restaurants should also expect frequent contact with the delivery solution as they are responsible for giving updates both to the restaurants and the drivers for a much efficient service. By using a delivery solution to manage the deliveries, the stresses of recruiting, managing, tracking and paying the delivery drivers will be relieved.  

 Better standard of service 

Whether restaurants are start-ups or on-going, deliveries can be a lot to deal with if restaurants already have established in-house orders. By using a delivery solution to manage delivery orders, in-house staff are able to focus more on their main duties as they do not have to deal with the drivers themselves. An efficient and reliable solution gives restaurant owners the confidence to start offering or maintaining to offer deliveries. Customers will feel more prioritised, in-house staff will have less stress and therefore contributes to the improvement of the overall customer service of the restaurant; orders taken whether in-house, takeaways or deliveries. This should enable the restaurant’s standard of service to be more consistent. 

Save on costs 

If the volume of business generated by a restaurant’s deliveries means they have to allocate a member of staff to solely manage it, then it’s best to hand it over to a delivery solution as they will only be expected to pay the hours that their deliveries are running within a package! At FastFood Drop, we tailor-make packages for clients that enables them not only to offer a better delivery service, but to save on costs as well.