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19 & 20 NOV 2019


Pizza Hut Are the Next Restaurant to Install Mastercard’s App Payment

From the 19th March, Pizza Hut customers will be able to pay for their bill by using an app! Mastercard’s “Qkr With Masterpass” mobile payment app will allow customers to order, pay and even split a bill.

Pizza Hut will become a part of an elite range of restaurant chains that have already integrated a mobile payment service to their business model.

The restaurants that are already using Qkr are Wagamama, ASK Italian, Young’s Pubs, Zizzi, Byron, and Bird, as well as gastropub chain New World Trading.

The use of this app saves customers an average of 12 minutes according to Wagamama, which is in part due to the fact customers don’t have to wait for their server to bring their bill or collect their payment.

Pizza Hut has chosen to invest in this app for a few reasons. The first and most obvious being convenience, but this innovation is also putting technology at the core of the chain’s ethos.

Keith Frimley, IT director at Pizza Hut, said “rolling out Qkr is a fantastic opportunity for us to continue the journey we are on as a brand.


“We have invested £60 million into our brand over the past six years, and this is because we are committed always improving and elevating our restaurants. These investments have allowed us to continuously improve the experience we provide our guests, and embrace the latest technologies that are redefining the future of the restaurant industry.”