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19 & 20 NOV 2019


Expand your delivery business with e-bikes

Compared with petrol delivery transportation methods such as cars and motorcycles, using an electric bicycle for food delivery is a modern means of delivery transportation which uses electricity as fuel to propagate. Due to its zero emission of harmful gases, eco-friendliness, and reduction in greenhouse and tailpipe emissions, some of the big takeaway chains such as Dominos are increasingly using e-bikes, boosting e-bike development in the delivery sector.

Generally speaking, electric mopeds or motorcycles are used for long distance transportation, largely because motorcycles have a bigger battery storage. Thanks to battery technology development, the creation of high capacity batteries enables electric bikes to travel up to 100km and remain full of charge. Drivers who carry an additional battery can travel up to 200km, which can constitute up to a day’s worth of operations.

Also, age & whether or not a prospective employee can drive are always a concern when it comes to recruitment. Notably, in comparison with moped regulations, the regulation for electric bikes is softer, as riders needn’t have a driving license and can start from the age of 14, making it easier for restaurant owners to recruit. 

Due to the softer e-bike regulations, as mentioned before, there are currently 10,000+ e-bikes operating in Holland alone, delivering food across the country, with countries such as Switzerland, England and Australia set to follow suit.

Nowadays, China is one of the biggest sources of e-bike manufacturing, with most food delivery e-bikes being made there. Offering high standard accessories, modern machinery and skillful workers, China’s factories assist food establishment owners by designing and assembling quality and stable e-bikes, at a competitive price. 

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