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The rise of non-alcoholic beverages

Founded by Benedictine Monks in 1791 at the 'Inn of the Red House', and surrounded by 5,000 square miles of the Black Forest and surrounding mountains is the State owned. One of only two state owned German breweries, and home of Rothaus Beer.

The brewery has survived two fires, one revolution and two World Wars! And is now owned and operated by the State of Baden-Württemberg, who take great pride in their philosophy of producing exceptional beer with the best ingredients available, without comprising in the slightest on Quality.

Considered one of Germany’s finest beers, Rothaus is appreciated by an ever-increasing number of connoisseurs around the world. In an age of high output mass production, Rothaus maintains tradition in the art of slow brewing, whilst utilising the latest technology to produce beers of outstanding purity and quality.

Rothaus Beer is made from pure mountain spring water, organic malt, hops and yeast. Unpasteurised and matured in deep granite caverns the end result is a beer that is clean, crisp and incredibly good!"

Dealcoholisation process

A unique system was developed to brew the two “non-alcoholic” versions of Rothaus a Pils and a Hefeweizen (Wheat) with a slow extraction process at 46C from authentic “full-fat alcohol” beer which is gently steamed out.  Unlike all other alcohol-free variants in the market place, which multi-filter beer, leaving insipid beers devoid of taste -  Rothaus go the extra mile to produce these exceptional beers!

The non-alcoholic Pils is brewed out of an authentic Rothaus full beer, which is specifically brewed for the Rothaus Non-alcoholic Pils.

To retain the typical and well-balanced Rothaus Pils characteristics during the dealcoholisation process, this beer is brewed with a higher original gravity (14.5 %) and lower IBU’s (25).

Just like the popular Rothaus Pils, the Non-alcoholic Pils is characterised by a robust and elegant flavour. The Non-alcoholic Pils is isotonic, contains only 63calories and is unpasteurised.

Rothaus Non-alcoholic Hefeweizen is brewed with wheat malt and brewer’s yeast, which is typical of the variety.

Aside from the light bitter hop flavours of 14 IBU’s, it also has an original gravity of 14.5%. Just like its alcoholic counterpart, a hand-selected top-fermented yeast is used as opposed to one that’s bottom-fermented.

The Hefeweizen’s refreshing and fruity flavours are retained through the gentle dealcoholisation process.

In contrast to the Rothaus Non-alcoholic Pils, the Non-alcoholic Hefeweizen goes unfiltered to the bottling process.

With the increase in market acceptance of non-alcoholic beverages and consumer awareness, Rothaus alcohol-free beers are suited to a public audience requiring more flavour and true authentic beer taste.

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