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19 & 20 NOV 2019


NEW EPoS Solution by Gryphen POS Solutions - why should small businesses invest in an Epos system?

Tailored for small businesses, January 2018 sees Gryphen POS Solutions launch their POSCoreSBS system, delivering the core benefits of EPoS in a modular, affordable, scalable package.

Small businesses are often faced with conflict over the potential costs and complexity of running a full EPoS system vs the benefits such a system brings over a cash till, such as:

Reduced risk of incorrectly charging customers by removing the need to manually calculate sales transactions.

Improved traceability of transactions to staff members by providing individual user IDs.

Improved speed of service for customers and staff by introducing barcode scanning and removing the need for manually entering each product in a sales transaction.

Improved inventory management via sales reporting at item level, facilitating analysis of products to identify the most popular items to stock or the less popular products to stop selling.

January 2018 sees the Gryphen POS Solutions team launch their Small Business Solution “POSCoreSBS” specifically to address this challenge, providing the core benefits that small businesses benefit from in a modular, affordable, scalable package.

Software Features:

⦁ Our POSCoreSBS software isn’t reliant on an internet connection. Our implementation is customised for your business environment, and can be installed “locally” on a device or via the internet. No need to worry about your internet connectivity!

⦁ POSCoreSBS intuitive software design requires minimal training, but just to make sure we include training for life as a part of our POSCoreSBS package.

⦁ All Gryphen POSCore software is modular, allowing you to start with the basics and add functionality to scale your EPoS solution as your business grows.

Support is available from our team as you need it, by whatever means works best for you: online, on the phone or in person.

Core sales reporting is included as standard, facilitating sales analytics and inventory management for your business.

Hardware Features:

⦁ Our fully modular solution enables you to choose which peripherals are right for your business, adding hardware only as you need it. Start with just a device and screen and build from there.

⦁ POSCoreSBS is supported on most modern hardware, providing you the option to “Bring Your Own Device” and make use of your existing hardware without having to buy more!

⦁ POSCoreSBS can work with your existing card payments provider, or you can choose to take our payment services solution.

Find out more about our POSCoreSBS small business EPoS offering here, or get in touch to have an informal conversation regarding an appropriate EPoS solution for your business.

Twitter: @GryphenPos