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Latest innovations to consider when choosing an EPOS system

Whether you are opening a new takeaway or restaurant, or looking to upgrade your existing EPOS system, it’s important to consider the latest innovations available and how they can benefit your business.  When choosing a new EPOS solution, here are a few features to consider that would have a positive impact on your business.

Kitchen Displays

Streamline your order flow and keep everyone in the know – make the kitchen “paperless” and use one or more kitchen displays instead of ticket printers in the kitchen.  Orders show immediately on screen and can change colour depending on how long it’s been since the order was placed.  Mark orders as ready at the touch of a button and your waiters can be informed, speeding up your delivery and keeping your customers happy.

Mobile Terminals

The ability to use smartphones or tablets to take orders from your customers brings a new level of speed and convenience.  Your staff immediately inputs the order from the table, eliminating any potential errors whilst ensuring the correct choices are made – like how the steak should be cooked or what side should be served.  You can also be sure any up-sells or set meals are being offered correctly.

If you are using a kitchen display, your staff can check when an order is ready right on their mobile device.  Plus, mobile terminals can be utilised for many other things – from being a quick way to view reports to a way for staff to clock in/out. 

Online Ordering

Your customers expect to be able to order online and this is now an essential for any food delivery business.   But not all online ordering systems are created equal – it’s important to choose a system which you have easy and full control over, one that provides a “real time” ordering experience to your customers (where you must accept the order and the customer is kept informed) and that is fully integrated with your EPOS system.  Also, consider how your customer finds you and how they prefer to order – is it via their smartphone, or maybe your customer finds you on Facebook and wants to order directly from your Facebook page.  Just as important is any marketing services offered – be it local search, social media or email & SMS marketing – your customer needs to be able to find you after all and this can be invaluable.

Integrations with third-party systems

Maybe you use an app for tracking your delivery drivers, or you operate within a hotel and need to integrate with the property management system.  The ability to integrate your EPOS solution with third-party services can save countless hours and provide a seamless experience.  


One of the most important factors to consider is how easy the system is to change and customise, whether it be simple menu or price changes, you want to add additional terminals or devices, you want a custom report, or you want to implement a complex order flow or custom integration.  Certain things you want to be able to do easily yourself, and others you want to have the confidence that your trusted solution provider can implement for you now and in the future.

At StoreSeen, we specialise in EPOS solutions using SambaPOS.  This unique software gives us the ability to customise almost every aspect of the system to be the best match for your business – so whether you are a small takeaway with a simple setup or a large restaurant with complex and specific requirements, we can offer the best solution that meets your needs today and grows with you into the future.  We offer everything from new software for your existing terminals to complete multi-terminal setups with online ordering and other integrations.  Want to know more? Get in touch today!

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