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Ingenious Insurance Solutions

When it comes to designing an insurance solution that is intelligently prepared for you, we focus on three key principles:


Proactive Risk Management and Loss Prevention


Meticulous Insurance Protection


Uncompromising Assistance

At Advantage Risk Solutions we pride ourselves on our customer service and attention to detail. With experience working with a range of restaurants and high-end food outlets, we take the personal approach and make sure we get to know you & your business so we can really make sure we tailor policies to your needs.

You can use our a la carte approach to select cover which fits your needs the best. Just as you take care to prepare and present your food to satisfy your customers’ needs, so do we tailor programmes to cover your insurance needs. Like you, we use only the best suppliers and are proud of our links with both major insurance companies and niche insurers to offer you a range of options to consider. While price is important, we focus on depth & breadth of cover supported by good quality policy wordings to help you get your business back up and runningshould you suffer a loss.

Detail is key, so we will always try to meet you face to face so we can obtain as much detail about you and your business as we possibly can. That helps us present your requirements to insurers with a sound knowledge of you, your business, where you have come from and where you are going. From review to renewal, via ad hoc enquiries, we want to be there every step of the way, especially when you need us. Insurance should be accessible and effective when you need it most but in between you needn’t worry about it – that’s our job.

You look after the food - we’ll look after the insurance.

As your business grows, so your insurance needs change. It is not always easy to keep ahead of the curve but we can help. Advantage Risk Solutions will review your existing insurance arrangements to ensure there are no gaps or insufficiencies with the cover in place. By getting to understand you & your business we will assess each element of cover and evaluate every policy wording against your requirements to ensure you have the protection you need for your business, your staff and your customers.

We will be open with you too. If after a thorough review we think your current arrangements meet your needs, we will tell you. It is not our style to discredit our rivals or mislead our clients.

We do not guarantee to sell you the cheapest cover but we will do our utmost to find the cover you need at a price you are happy to pay. To find out more, visit our website or email us at; we’d love to hear from you.

Case Study:

Client A approached us for a review of their insurances. They were a fledgling fast food business but growing at an enormous rate, planning to open new branches on a monthly basis.

On review, we found they had spent in excess of £500,000 fitting out their rented premises but had not insured these ‘tenants’ improvements’. In the event of a loss they would not have any cover to replace damaged or destroyed fittings in their restaurant. It also became apparent that their insurers were unaware of the exact nature of the service they provided. Insurers did not appreciate the number of customers on site and the extent of the deep fat frying. Failing to provide sufficient details to an insurer can result in claims not being paid or cover being voided, thus causing significant problem for the continuation of the business.

Working closely with Client A, Advantage Risk Solutions were able to gather all the necessary information and arrange suitable cover to protect the business.

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