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19 & 20 NOV 2019



Is Hipster Food Going Out of Fashion?

According to Bookatable’s quarterly dining trends report, diners are growing increasingly tired of ‘alternative’ menu options, with nearly three quarters of diners preferring to avoid them altogether.

That’s right, a survey of 2,000 British diners found that just 5% would choose a restaurant depending on whether or not ‘trendy’ dishes or ingredients were on the menu, with 18-24  year olds less likely to do so than those aged 35-44.

Instead, the study found that sustainability, local sourcing and handling of food waste are more important for the majority of customers when it comes to deciding where to eat.

Michal Markowski, manager at Edinburgh’s Cucina G&V, is in agreement with these latest findings stating that customers are moving away from fad trends and are instead leaning towards family-run restaurants with high quality products, which often use local and sustainable ingredients.

Bookatable found that the most popular restaurants that were booked via the platform, in the last quarter, where most often the ones which tended not to serve meals which pander to ‘faddy’ trends, including the likes of Aqua Shard, Hutong, OXO Tower Brasserie, Tredwells and Jamie’s Italian. All in all, very much challenging the popular notion that the ‘hipster’ food trend is here to stay.