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19 & 20 NOV 2019


Increased Customer Orders and Greater Revenues with Q MY CALL

Over 60% of all takeaway orders and restaurant reservations are still made by picking up and using the phone – in fact the phone is the biggest competitor to the takeaway and delivery online food companies

Even when an order is placed online or via an APP most customers are encouraged to call the restaurant directly if they want to change an order, chase a delivery time or to complain about the order when it arrives so now the restaurant telephone is used more often than ever

In many instances the only way an online delivery company who want to contact the restaurant to chase or change an order on behalf of a customer is to call the restaurant – so this means additional calls 

The challenge for any restaurant is that at busy times phone lines will be engaged and even if a restaurant has more than one number it is the main advertised number that is mostly used by the customer– this means that restaurants lose orders and customers at busy times 

How can Q MY CALL help? 

Q MY CALL is the takeaway and restaurant telephone line service with call queue meaning no more engaged tones, frustrated customers or lost orders - all of this is achieved using the existing lines and phone numbers used by any restaurant.

With Q MY CALL (which is an enhancement on the Telephone Number Solutions platform) any customer ringing a restaurant at busy times will either get through straight away if the line is free or they can join a queue to wait for the restaurant to answer. When a customer is in a queue we can play music, a message or a position in the queue whilst they are waiting

Where a restaurant has a second line available we will immediately ring this via the queue so in this case the restaurant can be talking to two (or more) customers whilst other customers will be queued until a line is free - we deliver the call to you in the order in which the call was received 

We can queue five customers and send at least two through so that any time Q MY CALL can answer and manage seven customers at each restaurant

We will tell you immediately if a potential customer gives up waiting in the queue 

Like any queue if people do not want to wait they can hang up … with Q MY CALL if a customer hangs up we immediately send you their contact details (within 5 seconds you will get the alert)so you can call them straight back and take their order or offer them an incentive on a future order 

Statistics and reports

We can provide you with a daily or weekly report on calls received and include the customer number, date, time and outcome such as time to answer or time taken on average for each call to process a phone order

How Q MY CALL can help owners of multiple restaurants 

If you own more than one restaurant we can send you a report based on the performance of all calls to your restaurants 24 x 7 and if you are particularly busy we can send all calls in the queue to an ‘overflow’ central location so the order can be taken and then sent by you to the local restaurant - this way you have a complete insight of all restaurants 

Case Study - One restaurant is receiving in excess of 226 calls a month using Q MY CALL and their average takeaway order value is £19.00

Record the phone calls of all orders placed  - We can also record all calls and orders placed with Q MY CALL   

New Numbers – If  a restaurant needs a new number for a marketing event, flyers or for the opening of a new establishment we can provide new numbers with Q MY CALL built in 

Future Proofed - Q MY CALL can also work over an internet connection so it is a future proofed technology  that will continue to support restaurants as technology evolves  

UK and beyond – The Q MY CALL service can also be used in restaurants in cities throughout Europe and Asia 

Please contact us at or e mail for an overview and diagram along with pricing or contact us for more information on 0333 323 4000